Let's Play – Rewrite – Terra route part 6/6 *END*

Here’s the epic final part of Rewrite’s main route, Terra! I had so much emotions while reading this, its amazing! Its definitely one of the best routes I’ve read.

1:46:28 – Final Credits

Hope you enjoy! In case you’ve missed them, check out the previous parts of Terra route here~

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29 thoughts on “Let's Play – Rewrite – Terra route part 6/6 *END*

  1. Kotarou will always be one of the best visual novel protagonist.
    And Rewrite definitely is one of the best visual novel of this decade.

  2. Hm… Yet another work of Key where they screwed up the end. Don't get me wrong, I love Rewrite VN, and the Terra Route was incredible, I loved the whole triple-agent story and all those betrayals, and so much happened!
    I just feel like this route doesn't bring a proper conclusion to the issue it dealt with. There is a glaring problem, but first of all, SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!

    So, in the end, salvation happens and the few survivors have to survive through an apocalyptic world.
    That's literally the end of Akane and Shizuru's routes, so how come that be considered a "better" ending? Remember Terra was supposed to be THE route where both the Earth and mankind survive, but in fact, it's not the case. The whole issue was that Life energy was drying up, and that's still the case in this ending.
    Maybe that was the point though: maybe they meant that we simply can't save both the Earth and Mankind. But it's way too dark an ending for Key so I hardly believe it xD.
    Also, since salvation was the final event, almost everything that happened before that was totally meaningless!

    It was still an incredible experience. The only major flaw in this VN is how useless some parts of the routes are in the end. Lucia's route was completely pointless. I mean, of course it develops Lucia, but since her character and everything introduced in her route don't have a single bit of importance in the true routes, it just all feels like a huge waste… Kotori's role was not used enough outside her route, you could just erase the whole druid stuff from the equation and that wouldn't change a thing. I was pleasantly surprised with her appearance throughout the Terra route though.

    I think everything as a whole was not really well tied up. I still can't believe Kotori didn't appear at all in the other heroines' routes. She was supposed to be with Kagari all the time! And the fact that Chihaya suddenly disappears in Akane's route, whereas she's supposed to fight with Gaia, that was also really disappointing…
    I also expected a bit more explanation about the Moon Route. How come Kashima Sakura send her troops in this non-existing world? Why was Koutarou the one to appear there?

  3. What a poetic ending. Through his sacrifice he got what he wanted – for the Occult club to stay and for everyone to remain friends. Fuck. I know these games are going to make me sad why do I play them? Fuck. Fuck.

  4. Wow….
    After more than 100 hours worth of gameplay, this ending was absolutely satisfying!
    It's been a while since I was so deeply touched by a story. The ending, especially the credits scene, destroyed me. Every emotion I felt during those scenes came back at once. I was crying for a solid 20 minutes. And now I feel like crap 🙁

    But this is why I love anime, manga and VN's. The storytelling is on a completely different level than everything else I know. Especially the works done by Key.

    Thank you Key for this amazing journey. Thank you for this incredible soundtrack and thank you Kotarou for being one of the best MC's I have ever seen. I hope one day you'll be reunited with Kagari!!!

  5. How come on the anime they went to the moons and ko kissed kagari and everyone was happy?? Is the small leaf kagari? Moon kagari dies?

  6. before i played the terra route, i thought the best ending will be achieved by avoiding killing, find a way to solve every heroine's problem, making peace with everyone. i was so wrong.

  7. wow, what an ending, at the cost of his life as a human Kotarou did it, he changed fate. The 5 girls got to grow up normally , some other characters had their fates changed, and Kotarou got each girl at the end LOL HAREM ENDING!!!!
    What a great read, my favorite Visual Novel and prolly favorite Key works above Little Busters and Clannad.

  8. One thing that I love about Terra is how Kotarou goes and fights against the strongest from both Gaia and Guardian (Esaka & the earth dragon, Sakuya not considered since he wasnt there at the time).

  9. it has been a while since i read this but at one point,, the key has been removed from the forest. but kotarou was continue killing gaia and guardian members who were in the forest. why?

  10. Why Akane, Shizuru and Kotori can't remenber Koutaro at alll (well that Kotori say something that it's quite familiar) so many quuestion about this sequence even he can save all of the five girls this times.
    I hope that there will be a route that show more about what's really happen after Terra route.
    So much feeling in this route

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