LG V40 vs. Galaxy S10 4K Camera Video Comparison!

In this comparison, we compare the LG V40 and Galaxy S10 4K video cameras in regular, telephoto, and wide-angle. Which one do you like more?

Personally, I feel the Galaxy S10 over-sharpens while the V40 feels a bit soft. I guess you can’t have the best of both worlds yet. Stabilization seems pretty good on both(nothing to complain) and audio is somewhat better on LG V40. While S10 does a great job of filtering wind, it sounds like someone talking inside a can.

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34 thoughts on “LG V40 vs. Galaxy S10 4K Camera Video Comparison!

  1. The same song or the fruity Co.. The Vseries is a heavy hitter and is the v30 that got my attention and the v40 that converted me to LG.. First LG flagship after having Sammy s7 and S8plus I'm Lovin this v40.. It's so light fast durable water resistant and it's boom box speaker n quad Dac that the headphone jack is center stage here not being removed but made better tuned by meredian music sounds great through high impedence hp..the cameras and videos have a pro mode and manual mode that take it to the next level if you like tinkering with settings there is a boat load

  2. LG is a beast… The v40 has had 5 updates many camera heavy.. The v40 is pixel good with great processing natural tones and video pro mode and manual modes that give it an edge

  3. videos much better on S10. as еун are more sharp, LG is like with the film on the lens. all cameras. sound is much better on LG (I can hear waves far and close, on samsung is like from the barrel)

  4. v40 have definetly better audio. s10 video sharpness is better. s10 have warmer colors while v40 have a bit colder colors. i take v40 because audio differance is massive.

  5. The lens on the Samsung is wayyyy sharper… is there something going on with the color profile settings or other processing on the LG that is making it that much blurrier, or is the lens glass just that much worse?

  6. The LG both video (cinematic texture and depth a touch of soft film feeling) and audio (cleaner) is a winner. Plz test both cams with different human skin and clothing especially Caucasian, Black and Asian skin. Also if you can, different night shoot situation. Tz in advance, brother.

  7. Very interesting as the LGv40 looks great to me and all tests try and say the S10 beats it's ass but I don't see it. Also dxomark claims the S10+ to be king of photo and video pretty much and not even placing the V40 close to it really. I think the V40 is very close.

  8. I've had LG G2, G3, G4, V20, and V30. Also have or had Galaxy S4, S5, S6, S7, S8, S8+, S9+. And last iPhone 6 plus and 8 plus. Out of these phones the S9+ has the best pictures and video to me and by a decent margin. The S8+ is tied with the LGv20. I still use the V20 as a daily driver as I carry 2 phones normally. I couldn't stand the V30 and returned it right away and that's when I switched back to a S8+. The Galaxy's AMOLED display hands down has never been beaten and a lot of manufacturers are now using the Samsung displays because you can not beat them. It's night and day between these displays. Now recently I looked at the LGv40 in person and I truly like it a lot and they finally have a decent OLED. It's not a Samsung display but it's 90%. You can pick up a LGv40 new or open-box for 300-325. I've found the S9+ now for 340 same condition. I like the video feature of 960fps on the S9+ but the V40 has manual features that will more then likely out do the S9. Just listen to the guy talk about the 80mbs feature on how good it was and how much detail and he says he should have took some still video to show better but he is a Samsung puppet! He was not doing a honest review as he was very biased to the S9. In that mode I'm sure the V40 beats the S9 pretty easy. Btw for pictures and video the LGV20 is still a bad ass phone you can pick up under 150 now but I've had mine new for years and just stuck a 4200ma battery in it😉. Yeah you can change them lol. Last of the Mohican. I'm getting over 10+ hours with over 5hrs screen time. But the display is the biggest kill but good for what it is a LCD lol at 16:9. ratio. So it's rather large for a in today's phone small 5.7". But it is sharp with over 513 ppi and 1440×2560 screen. But no comparison at all to my S9+ NONE! LMAO. And for the iPhone people. The iPhone 8 plus has a great processor but the display is shit and the phone is a heavy large 5.5" LCD that is not even truly HD. The LGV20 blows it out the water on LCD displays. The V20 also has a much better camera in my opinion. I'm not a big Apple fan as I love my Android's. LG and Samsung have better displays and camera, hell everything to be honest. The new X and XS have good screens now by way of Samsung LOL. So Apple has to use it's rival's display to even compete in today's market.
    Overall Samsung is still #1 as they bested 2018 with S8 and 2018 with S9 and will probably get top spot again in 2019 with the bad ass new S10+.

  9. Teleblabla is better on s10, normal camera v40 win
    S10 mic sound really cheap compared to v40 but you can be heard good on both

  10. NO COMPARISON!!! S10 smokes the V40 in both sharpness smoothness and clarity. The s10 looks 3D in comparison. Audio wise the LG sounds fuller but the s10 does a better job at suppressing wind noise hence better speech understanding.

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