40 thoughts on “List Perfectly. CROSS POSTING SOFTWARE Live Show. Ebay, Poshmark, Etsy, Mercari

  1. What would the purpose be of storing listings in this system? It says you can end solds but is that only possible if you store your listings?

  2. I really want to try it, but it seems really expensive when it doesn't have the ability to automatically end listings on other platforms when they sell. That's one of the best features of automated listing programs, to me.

  3. 20 saved listings into your catalog for the basic $29/mo? Why not just say it’s $470 annual cost for 250 listings and start there? Seriously, if u only listing 20 items, listing software ain’t ur top priority!

  4. I'm loving List Perfectly!!! I hope everyone jumps on board. I was so close to hiring a VA until this came. My biggest struggle was the cross listing part. So grateful for this!

  5. Just signed up through your link Casey. Thanks for a great video the other day. I can't remember if anyone mentioned how long the waiting list is?

  6. Thanks Casey! This was the nudge I needed to seriously cross post (other than Bonanza) on other platforms! 🙂 Can't wait!

  7. Most of my listings on eBay have free shipping…..Poshmark doesn’t have that option, does it? Their shipping is $6.95? Will I be able to lower the price a little since poshmark charges shipping. Hope this makes sense!

  8. has this been approved by poshmark or ebay? I know that poshmark has restrictions regarding 3rd party affiliates on their site. And it looks like from the demo its linking in with ebay. hope my question makes sense. Thought I would use this to delete old listings that I had put on sale in the past and relist them again on poshmark. I do cross list from ebay to poshmark

  9. Can you use the same List Perfectly account for multiple ebay stores, or do you need a separate List Perfectly account for every store?

  10. What is the risk of cross-posting an item and have it sell on both platforms? Isn't there a potential to cause damage to your account if this were to happen and you couldn't fulfill?

  11. How do the photos convert from Poshmark to Ebay? I have been listing in Poshmark from my phone and then uploading the photos to use in Ebay and Etsy. I have to do a lot of cropping and lightening of the photos in Ebay, and yet they look fine in Posh? So how does this work with List Perfect? BTW, I am stoked to try this! I might let the crowd get through first though because we have two daughters getting married (10/12 and 12/7), so I am totally crazed right now and having to list at 3:00 am to get any work done between the weddings and my full time job. But I am dreaming of the day that I can do this!!!! GREAT Job ladies!

  12. Amanda and Clara are so excited. I love it!
    I thought ebay frowns on cross posting to the point of charging for a sold item that is on their platform and another one??
    This is so exciting ladies! I am pumped.

  13. Tried signing up and it only gave me an option to be on a wait list:/ hopefully I can join soon!!! Can’t wait❤️

  14. Just listed my first ones yesterday so happy so far…can’t wait til we can do it for other items besides clothing!!! Didn’t get the free days though

  15. I signed up a listing software about a month ago that handles Walmart and Etsy among others. Steep learning curve. A bit more pricey but it syncs inventory.

  16. On the wait list! 🙂 I have a couple questions.
    -If I start off at the $29 / a month plan can it be upgraded later?
    -Will it work with Mozilla FIrefox?

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