LONG LIVE THE KING – Citadels Board Game Playthrough

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CITADELS is a great game to play with small or large groups. Each player aims to score the most points by building districts, and will use special character powers to cause disruption to the other players.

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20 thoughts on “LONG LIVE THE KING – Citadels Board Game Playthrough

  1. hi there ..i i have the older citadels game but the basic rules are pretty much the same..i have a very simple question please .can the warlord built in his turn AND destroy a card in the same turn?

  2. Looking forward to more of these shows. There needs to be a good replacement for for Tabletop. I loved that show and learned about so many new board games from that show. I'm hoping for the same success for this show Mark Hulmes is great, and does a great job as a host on High Rollers!

  3. I played a lot of that game in highschool. It used to fit in a small rectangle box we would carry in our bag to play during lunch.
    Assassin kills the merchant is a classic play.

  4. I could've sworn that the last player to pick a character picks up the face down card as well as an option to be chosen. Or maybe that's in higher player counts.

  5. I loved the original game this was based off ' Machiavelli'. I am sooo thankful for you Mark to bring the English version to my attention!

  6. They should have an egg timer so they have a limit on their turns sort of like the Civ turn timer, it would be interesting to see the difference in play when you're under pressure for time and have to make quick decisions

  7. In Dutch, this game is called Machiavelli, after the Italian strategist. (It might just be an older edition though) Played a lot of it myself 🙂

  8. I personally think the music at the "Short Time Later" break should be this channels theme.  Also the "Some Burger's Later" break

  9. mike had a interesting point for the game or any other strategy game how would the game play out if you could discuss your strategy with someone (both only see the same set of cards or what ever) how will that change a game.

  10. This was a really good video. I enjoyed the strategy of the game and the banter from everyone. The dirty looks from Mark were very funny! Well done. Loved it!

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