Magic Remover- REVIEW – vinimay Gel Polish Remover

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In this video I am doing a review on a gel polish remover called magic remover by vinimay

Products used are :

Vinimay magic remover. Ebay

Regular products used:

The edge size 10 brush



I hope you enjoyed this video and Thanks for watching 💕💗




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13 thoughts on “Magic Remover- REVIEW – vinimay Gel Polish Remover

  1. I am aware that there are worries to the safety of this product based on testing by third parties, so am not going to try this without proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Out of curiosity, I wonder if you had broken the seal by filing the top coat,, something I was taught to do with gel polishes, esp on thicker layers/glitter, if it might have possibly worked a bit better for you? Just curious. Thanks so much for the video!

  2. My gel polish tend to come off east flaking my hard are in dish water 2x a day so I have way of it coming off by it's self

  3. I can remove my nail with buffing block tin foil and acetone and i have nice nail drill for removal which I think is faster that waiting

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