Massive Ebay Site Disruption! Adapting to Bad Events in Reselling

In this video, I show you examples of what to do to keep your reselling business going when unexpected bad events happen. Some insights also provided on Mrs. Prime Time’s furniture restoration and reselling projects including a tutorial on how to save a ton of money by making your own chalk paint.

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19 thoughts on “Massive Ebay Site Disruption! Adapting to Bad Events in Reselling

  1. I had problems with shipping yesterday due to the ebay outage issue. However I hopped on pirate ship and took care of most of my stuff. One quick question when you laid out the comic books and stated to not have other stuff in the photo that is fantastic advice. Are you aware that eBay is going to push white backgrounds just like google search? I think your photos would still be great but maybe making a white background might do you better in the long haul with all of the changes going on at eBay.

  2. Daisy’s jacket 😍🙌🏻 hello! So so cute! Also LOVED the segment with Mrs P. Please let her know how much we appreciate the tips & ideas && creativeness! I’ve also started saving my bottle caps thanks to your FB BOLO ideas!! Thank you!! Great video & great tips and ideas as usual!

  3. Yup, I was making a listing this afternoon and intermittently my photos were disappearing into errors. Because it was intermittent it was reinforcing me to keep trying, so I sat there for an hour working on getting one listing out before I snapped out of it and said – let me go the post office now. When I came back, it was working. It's a pain when that happens.

  4. Love it ❤️ great content as always thanks to you both for sharing 👍 can't wait to see the next video

  5. Do you do appraisals? I have a very cool early dime store novel, the only other one I've seen is in the Harvard archives. If you don't can you recommend anyone who appraisers rare comics and dime store novels? Thank you!

  6. Hey Dom, just wanted to let you know I appreciate the content you share. I've been a subscriber since you started and as I was watching this video I was thinking wow not only do I really enjoy what you are sharing but I really enjoy you. You have done a really good job on portraying your personality and character in a way that makes the viewer feel as if we actually know you and are going to be hanging out later for a barbeque or something, lol. You have done a really good job on making your videos and content even better than it was and I thought it was pretty darn good when you started. Oh by the way your facebook group is in my opinion probably one of the best there is. I like that not only are you sharing but you're actually helping other creators and resellers in the community as well. You don't find many people anymore that are not selfish so its refreshing to see. Thanks again brother, keep doing what you are doing!

  7. Could you place the listing for the comic book in the regular section, with no images, stating that this item is available in the adult section and thus driving some traffic to that listing? You would have to be creative with the writing of the listing. Just thinking outside the box…

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