Minecraft Gamers VS Roblox Gamers

Please watch: “When A Gamer Gets Fake PS4 BOX | Gidu Gamer | 2018”
Read the description.

Guys, please don’t get offended. I only made this video for fun and entertainment purpose so just chill and enjoy the video.


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Songs used:-
#1. Arc North – Meant To Be (feat. Krista Marina)



#4.Ice Flow

#5.Sneaky Snitch


Gameplay clips used:-
Minecraft Timelapse – Royal Mansion

Counter Blox- Remastered in ROBLOX


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35 thoughts on “Minecraft Gamers VS Roblox Gamers

  1. 0:53 hold up… did he just say 26 bucks? Lol it’s 19.99 which is only a cent away from 20
    1:09 I’m pretty sure ROBLOX is pixelated too it’s just more advanced
    (Now keep in mind that this is no hate towards the creator of this video or anything, they’re obviously trying to make enjoyable content for people and that’s fine I’m only pointing these things about because they’re kinda funny mistakes)

  2. GUYS WHY DO YOU SAY MINECRAFT IS BETETR AND ROBLOX PLAYERS ARE TOXIC,both games have toxic players and they are both really good

  3. Well that's the point of both just have fun.most part of minecraft is building basically.roblox is mostly is have fun in games and make some

  4. Well graphic matters k is that a simple thing u say except saying minecraft has ugly pixelated graphics [Roblox Lover]

  5. Price: You are wrong at the price at minecraft. It had alot of free websites versions now like: tlauncher.com , …
    Weapons: Lol , you can download mods like: ggunz , …
    Making moneys: Same like weapons , just download mods
    Building: Roblox: Play tycoons or build battle | Minecraft:Nothing to say how's beautful BRUHHHH
    Like for minecraft
    Comment for roblox
    Like and comment for minecraft and roblox
    And then watch this –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75wlnBZW7eo

  6. gidu gamer
    why are you making minecraft video make roblox good graphic than minecraft
    you liar i saw the minecraft have a ray tracing are awesome

  7. 55 million of people play roblox and 250 million of people play fortnite and 91 million of people play minecraft

  8. Round 1:roblox
    Round 2:roblox
    Round 3:roblox three in a row
    Round 4:roblox for the god of sake
    Round 5:I guess both because devs of roblox use codes and scripts for their game

  9. Roblox have own physics engine but minecraft don't have and roblox have cool graphics and you can rotat parts and stretch them change colour and make different elements and we have lot of games like fps, building, obby, roleplay, etc roblox rocks I'm a good builder in roblox studio and most cool thing is we have cool terrain and the best thing is it's very shocking we have nearly 50 billion player roblox rocks minecraft is pc of shit which we have to play money to play ha ha ha ha 😀 😁 😂 🤣 😃 😄 😅 😋 😎

  10. To earn money in Minecraft you need to make server
    And make system were everyone who are playing have to pay you
    Or make not free account
    In your server.

    And I don't what I said
    If you too,


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