Minecraft: StoneBlock Survival Ep. 1 – IT'S ALL GONE WRONG

A new series like sky block except it’s underground.
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Pixels – Hyperdrive
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42 thoughts on “Minecraft: StoneBlock Survival Ep. 1 – IT'S ALL GONE WRONG

  1. If uve seen the emc under almost every item u can get a certain amount of emc u can make almost anything that has been placed in it for example diamond

  2. How do I get wood when I have dirt and saplings? My brain is dumb.
    How do I get bonemeal? It's not like I can make a mob area and kill skeletons to get bones.
    Jardon, do you just turn stupid in modpacks? Or are you always this dumb?

    Edit: Apparently he also can't do modded things! CLAY BUCKETS! THE SECOND ARROW FOR MORE CRAFTING OPTIONS! Is this his first day at modded? Because it feels like it.

  3. … We can see very plainly that you guys could have gotten the cobblestone, wood, wood planks, and made charcoal for 4 torches… Ultimate fail…

  4. oh man I need to download minecraft and the mod launchers again. I miss being able to mine and ender pouch stuff back to my base, fly, make quarrys, etc. So much fun.

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