Mountain Rocks 1lb Whiskey Dicks Bag Gold Paydirt Review (eBay Seller)

A review of ebay Seller MountainRocks
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6″ Classifiers (Full Set)
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Other Items:
Digital Scale (New)
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Large Scale (50lb)
Black Sand Magnet (8lb)
Snuffer Bottle (3oz)
Fine Gold Pipette (3ml)
Gold Boats (Black)
Gold Trays (White)
Tweezers (Non-Magnetic)
Fan Brush (Size #2)
Magnifying Glasses (6.00x)
Gloves (Black)
Mini Sluice (Recirculating)
Gold Rush Nugget Bucket (Yellow)
Gold Cube (3 Stack)

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Canon VIXIA HF G40L:
Rode Micro Microphone:
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28 thoughts on “Mountain Rocks 1lb Whiskey Dicks Bag Gold Paydirt Review (eBay Seller)

  1. Not the results I was hoping for, in fact, my results were less than the supposed average of the bag. Hope you all enjoy the video at least!

  2. Thanks. 2 types of pay dirt. 1 pretenders 2. Real miners that know they don't pay to process and get 20% over spot price.

  3. Let's see if I can follow community guidelines on this one and keep it respectful 🙃…..going by the company's name my wife said this one would be a let down😲❗

  4. Love the little bit of comedy in your words as far as that supposed 1/4 inch picker. We always love your videos brother!!! The hard part to watch is the low numbers on your scale.We all praise what you do for us and we all feel for ya when it comes to the R.O.I's….In my eyes I would like to see some reviews on the big names that have the guaranteed amounts with top R.O.I's and rank the ones that are most cost effective.Kinda a battle of the big names.That way you can get more of your monies worth and the fun of seeing " even more gold" in your pans….As always a big THANK YOU!!!

  5. You always Say it All… when after the Final Weigh in is in… that Uhhhh you do is hilarious! Great review as usual! Thats Not a Hi 5 bag……

  6. I watched the other review and put this seller on my to buy list but after seeing your results hes off so if hes reading this constantly and honesty is the key buddy if say something then mean it (1/4 screen) as for the other review I have no reason to believe it was not an honest result and he did pay 5 dollars more for it as always Dylan thank you for bringing these sellers to light you are the best brother

  7. I always hate to say it, but thanks for taking the hit so that we don't have to. Really enjoy you weeding out the dirtbags so we can mailbox pan without getting ripped so hard.

  8. Call Dylan thanks for taking a hit for us but by the way I think he meant you put the pan on top of quarter inch mesh and drop it into the pan so it doesn't have time to go through the quarter inch Mash anyways God bless you and yours

  9. Yeah I find that fine gold on the river all the time and it's so hard to recover it's not worth the frustration, super hard good on you being able to get it out

  10. Black dirt… gotta seem dumb… lmao!! Thats so funny…
    That is definitely a pay "dirt" bag. He got paid, u got dirt… owww.

    Appreciate the reviews ya do. Educational from the biz angle and quite fun to watch.
    Thanks! Kody

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