9 thoughts on “New 2019- Taylor GS MIni Walnut Guitar Review in Singapore

  1. I own a GS mini Koa with new electronic like the one you have and I love the guitar. The action was really good right off the box.

    I also bought few weeks ago the new 2019 version of the Martin Djr. Two totally different sound. Both great guitars. However, the Djr needed some adjustements right off the box. The action was really high. Now, it’s perfect. Also, I like the fact that the 2019 Djr comes with light gauge from the factory. That’s what I prefer personnaly.

    I also put light gauge as well on my GS mini.

    Keep up the the good work. I really enjoy watching your reviews. They have helped me choose my two lovely guitars.

  2. Agee. The new pickups on the GS Mini sound better than the ES 1 or ES 2 pickups with the 3 knobs.

  3. I liked them both for what they are. The Martin just sounded so much bigger and, well, like a Martin. 🙂 I'll take either, and thanks for sharing Jarvis.

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