New White House spokeswoman bruised in DMZ scuffle

Melania aide Stephanie Grisham gets the nod.

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34 thoughts on “New White House spokeswoman bruised in DMZ scuffle

  1. Nowhere in the video was she “injured” lol. She was the one trying to push through people as if she’s a Secret Service agent.

  2. The stupid people that don't and won't respect Trump, don't and won't respect the staff either! Anyone on Trump's staff, anywhere, should be given the same respect as the President gets. They are his people, and our people. They represent us as well.I hope Stefanie gives the press in the briefing room a good taste of their own medicine! Some are their only to harrass and should show more respect, take away the Whitehouse credentials from anyone that shows disrespect! Why isn't a secret service person ahead of her instead of her trying to do crowd control by herself? She's shown she's tough already!

  3. My goodness. She certainly is an aggressive alpha female. Not very ladylike. The way she shoved that security guard. Looks like she bruised him instead.

  4. A video shows her shoving and bumping into people to get into a room, injuring herself as a result. She wasn’t advocating for journalists to have access. She just wanted to be in the room herself.

  5. Ma la merica non si agiorna al tempo dei dialetti di cuesto mondo veb internet ecc aio acelafai fami sapere se ci sei Bati un colpo di telefono Grazie mucias grazias mmmkkk ecc ecc ecc

  6. Youtube tries to make it hard to find fox news streaming. Here's how you do it = (Search "fnc live streaming" then go to filter and pick "live" then pick "today") Done!

  7. Kim is coming around – out from under the influence of the Bush/Clinton/Obama [DS] cartel aka The Crown and it's geopolitical dialectics for a Globalist take over of the World. Trump is just breaking this satanic spell!

  8. She didn’t Handle it well! Not good! We need a strong MAN as Whitehouse spokesman! We have had enough women! It’s sexist to always choose a woman!

  9. She wasn’t hurt. She’s trying to act like she’s so tough and will do anything… even put herself in harms way for Trump. She’s stupid

  10. I find it funny when people cyberbully the President, it is okay, but if he does it back, it is not okay to the morons who do not realize their double standards thinking. Either let everyone do it or let nobody do it. That way it is fair.

  11. Moron corrupt trump unprofessional disorganized white House casing injuries to his staff is a joke. She should sue trump for her injuries!

  12. That is supposed to be a job of the Secret Service not the new press secretary to keep the reporters away from the president


  14. She had no right to call the shots in another country. Sadly, that's typically American. Can you imagine South Koreans trying to push around our security personnell?

  15. Pretty sure that was a North Korean Agent assigned to Kim, no idea why the press is even that close to anything official. Not that I like North Korea, but you don't start pushing those protecting their "Supreme Leader" like that and not get something back in return.

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