New York Jets vs Buffalo Bills Week 1 Reaction/Review

My Reaction to the New York Jets loss to the Buffalo Bills.

This game was ours to win. We lost energy in crunch which lead to a loss. The Jets will bounce back and learn from their mistakes.
This is not the end of the world, lets keep our heads high Jets Nation!

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22 thoughts on “New York Jets vs Buffalo Bills Week 1 Reaction/Review

  1. Yea I agree and the jets played hRd but the bills got lucky I mean Allen threw 2 picks one being a pick six also yea I texted at week five and Cairo santos did terrible vedvik
    Should have made those kicks but I give the jets credit for shutting out Allen and barely losing I think the jets could be a playoff team

  2. What? The Bills moved the ball with ease in the 1st half. Did you watch the game? If it wasn't for 3 flooky ass turnovers this would have been a blow out. And Sam did what he could against the best defense in the league.

  3. I think your delusional, the bills were able to move the ball pretty well. The problem was shot themselves in the foot by causing those turnovers.

  4. He was playing the best secondary in the league that's why ur wrs couldn't get open white& Wallace 2 shutdown corners

  5. Allen moved the ball up and down the field in the 1st half. No confusion at all. Receiver tipped a ball that he should have caught resulting in a pick 6. Another turnover was the result of a center and QB still getting familiar. The turnovers were largely fluke incidents and won’t always be there. But to say Allen looked lost out there is just plain wrong.

  6. Bills fan here. What we witnessed were two very different approaches to managing a young QB. Gace protected Darnold with a very vanilla gameplan. The Bills, on the other hand, let Allen have at it. Sure, Allen had four turnovers, but only one was truly on him alone (the Fumble that killed the first drive). Allen actually did a lot of great things and gave Bills fans a lot of reasons for optimism. Darnold, on the other hand, has yet to be unleashed. Not until Gace takes off the kid gloves will the Jets actually know how good Darnold can be.

  7. You guys weren't that bad, The Bills D is just that good. Biggest problem I saw was the play calling on the last drive. You had lots of time, 2 timeouts, Bell, and all you needed was a field goal. It basically comes down to you need a kicker you can trust.

  8. As a Bills fan, I understand your frustration as the Bills fans were going through it for the first 3 quarters. And I agree that CJ Mosely is a beast and worth every penny but without him, the WHOLE D falls apart? That is not impressive. BTW are there people dying in the next room?

  9. I think you did a very good analysis of the game. I am a Buffalo Bills fan and we Bills fans have suffered through many defeats like the Jets did today so I feel your pain. I admire fans that are so loyal and live and die with their team. Keep the faith. Go Bills & Go Jets!

  10. Hey I’m a Bills fan and I agree, when Mosley came out, there was a shift. Also, Jets should have stayed with Bell and kept feeding him. I’ll be cheering for you guys vs NE. Go Bills!

  11. Hey bro… Jus showin ur channel some love… From another jet youtuber to the next. Keep doin what your doing… Im sub #90. Dnt 4get to sub to jettalkradio.

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