Nintendo DSi In 2019! (10 Years Later!) (Review)


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The Nintendo DSi came out in 2009, so how does it hold up 10 years later? Let’s find out!

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22 thoughts on “Nintendo DSi In 2019! (10 Years Later!) (Review)

  1. Omg i understand exactly how u feel about the memories that the dsi brings back , the good easy times of being a kid & just having your snacks playing super mario bros ugh

  2. Dude I remember I had a ds lite long time ago and I was playing mario cart and I lost a race and I bit the top screen of someone don’t remember how 😂 and them my mum said I finally deserved a new ds after a couple of years and she got me the mario edition ds I and OMG I loved that thing I acc took it on the Costa Concordia before it sunk and I loved it so much and my wasn’t doing no work and I wasn’t doing nothing and my mum got mad because I was only on my ds and she sold it😭 and my cousin just got a ds lite and I thought let me get one so I can play with him he’s young btw and I turned it on and omg the nostalgia

  3. when i saw the DSi forthe first time i was like OMG I WANT IT SOOOO BAD!
    the cameras suck like hell.
    also there's no gba slot (which you already said) that's a problem for gba lovers but that's not an issue for me. so. i also LOVE software like u and this can update to the latest software update of DSi UI/OS/System Software whatever you would call it…
    flipnote studio is the BEST.
    Mario Kart DS, its fun.
    Pokemon Black/White amazing!
    There is an ENDLESS list of DS games and Nintendo KILLED it with the DS.
    It catched up to 2nd place of the most units consoles/handhelds of all time but above that is the PS2 which im suprised with! Congrats Nintendo and Sony!
    love the design of it. ppl say that the plastic of the DSi feels cheap and expensive. which is wierd…
    anyways there is a vid that i made but its not an unboxing of the DSi. instead its a video ALL about it.
    Link is here!:
    Luv u guys! <3

  4. I loved and still do the dsi mine was long gone since I got the 3dsXL but this one was just amazing.

    Super mario bros was so hard to me when I was younger I never finished it…

  5. I’m 14 and I have seen this a lot on the internet when looking for old little game consoles. Portable and normal. And this one looks like a very good console for its time. I should save up and try to find one on eBay.

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