Nuna TAVO & PIPA lite LX Travel System Review – Babylist

This sleek car seat and stroller system is loaded with tons of helpful features and gets high marks for safety. Babylist Scout Manny shows you more!

Check out the Nuna TAVO & PIPA lite LX Travel System:

Doing more research? Here’s a “Best Travel Systems of 2019” guide:

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5 thoughts on “Nuna TAVO & PIPA lite LX Travel System Review – Babylist

  1. Even though this video was posted at an earlier date and the same 2019 combo is now older by about 3 months, the price hiked up to $799 when in this video it was $699. Wonder why when nothing changed with the product

  2. Cool video! Which gears are you using to make videos like this? By the way, if you like traveling blogs, check out my newly made channel, I will appreciate your feedback. Thanks!

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