Olympus OM-4 Video Manual 2 of 2: Operation, Use, How to Take a Photo, and Functions

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Olympus’ OM-4 (OM-4T and OM-4Ti) represented the end of the Olympus professional camera lineage, at least for film. The OM-4 was the pinnacle of Olympus’ camera development technology and it supported the amazing Zuiko lens system and used an innovative multi-spot meter to allow photographers the ability to control the exposure in their images. One of the best cameras ever made for slide film, the OM-4 is a pairing of fantastic usability and functionality, making it one of the best cameras I’ve reviewed.

Video Index:
Skip the Intro: 0:15
Lens Mounting and Unmounting: 0:27
Loading Film into the Olympus OM-4: 0:54
Changing the Olympus OM-4 Battery: 4:06
Adjusting the Diopter on the Olympus OM-4: 4:55
Flash Photography with the Olympus OPM-4: 6:47
The Olympus OM-4 Viewfinder, Focusing Screen, and Light Meter: 10:20 (Also, how to interpret the multi-spot meter readout.)
Using the OM-4’s Shadow and Highlight Function: 11:50
How to Use the OM-4 Multi-spot Meter: 13:05
How to take a Picture with the Olympus OM-4: 15:53
Taking a Double Exposure with the Olympus OPM-4: 16:50
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8 thoughts on “Olympus OM-4 Video Manual 2 of 2: Operation, Use, How to Take a Photo, and Functions

  1. Great videos about the OM4-T. I love my OM cameras and enjoy using them. The OM4-Ti and OM1n are my faves. I learned a lot here – don't have to constantly hunt through the manual as a result. Thanks!

  2. Great video. So if I'm in manual mode and I set my aperture to whatever I want. Then I press the Spot Meter. The camera will automatically use the shutter speed with the diamond or I manually should change the shutter speed to what is above the diamond?

  3. Wish you had shown the viewfinder when explaining the spot-metering. Just words and pictures cannot describe the sophistication of this fabulous camera.

  4. Hi, I have an Olympus OM-10 with no adapter. Will this affect my pictures massively? Without the adapter the ASA is automatically set to 100. If I buy film with an ISO of 200 and shoot with an ISO of 100 will it be okay? Sorry that this is a question about the OM-10 when your video is about the OM-4. Thank you

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