Orbitkey Review (Organiser, Clip, Ring, Multi-Tool & Travel Kit) | How To Carry & Organize Your Keys

In this review, we take a look at the Orbitkey Organiser, Clip, Ring, Multi-Tool & Travel Kit. A range of products that offers a bunch of different ways to carry and organize your keys. View Our Full Review Of The Key Organiser:

Orbitkey Clip:
Orbitkey Multi-Tool:
Orbitkey Travel Kit:

0:41 – Orbitkey Organiser
3:30 – Orbitkey Clip
5:09 – Orbitkey Ring
6:37 – Orbitkey Clip Multi-Tool
8:11 – Orbitkey Travel Kit
9:51 – Other Orbitkey Products

The Orbitkey Key Organiser has held up well through over a year of testing, even after putting it back together to switch out keys several times. It has come loose on a couple of occasions, but it’s easy enough to use a flat-head screwdriver (or a coin, on the go) to tighten it up. All in all, a pretty solid organizer.

Two weeks in, it was clear the Orbitkey Clip just wasn’t sturdy enough for our standards. Despite a compact design and good intentions, the Orbitkey Clip didn’t hold up to testing. A normal carabiner will be more robust and reliable.

We’d definitely recommend picking up the Orbitkey Multi-Tool if you’ll be using the Orbitkey Key Organiser. These two products integrate nicely, and the multi-tool’s smooth functionality inside of a small package makes it a solid choice for any traveler. The hex wrench is slightly difficult to use and the flat-head screwdriver could be larger, but these aren’t deal-breakers by any means.

The Orbitkey Travel Kit is a well-designed and convenient option for anyone who needs to use local data while traveling. Its simple design makes it easy to use despite some minor nitpicks and, most importantly, your SIM cards will stay close and secure until it’s time to swap them out again.

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In this video, Tom Wahlin of Pack Hacker reviews the Orbitkey Organiser, Clip, Ring, Multi-Tool & Travel Kit. A range of products that offers a bunch of different ways to carry and organize your keys.

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16 thoughts on “Orbitkey Review (Organiser, Clip, Ring, Multi-Tool & Travel Kit) | How To Carry & Organize Your Keys

  1. Fantastic review I have not purchased the orbit key organizer and have been debating it for a long time. Your review was so detailed that it answered a number of questions I had. Other you tubers have not reviewed this orbit system to the precise level you have so thank you for that. Subscribed 🙏

  2. Very good review ! I was about to get the clip with the key organiser but for $42 USD, not to sure I'll get it. Love the channel, keep up the good work !

  3. Would this work with those barcode key tags because I have 2, a gym membership one and a store one, and then my house key and car keys, so idk what key organizer would be good for me?

  4. Been thinking of getting one of these for a while now after upgrading my wallet to an iClip Wallet as a minimalist option so got me thinking about my keys… Thanks for the Video great Information especially about the multi tool which I didn’t even realise was an option… Thanks… 😎👍🏼

  5. Plethora. May want to hit up Google Speech on that one. The correct pronunciation is not as fancy as you made it sound. Either way, +10 fancy bonus points good sir…

  6. I'm rocking the same active one you are using and love it! Currently only have keys, but want to add the multi-tool now after your review. I didn't know that I could add a bunch of keys without having to tighten the screw all the way, so thanks for that!

  7. I've used a couple of keysheaths, Keysmart makes an excellent option just avoid there Pro line which sadly is plastic, currently however I'm using a Bellroy Key Cover. The slim factor of the Bellroy keeps down the bulk though if a more rugged system is what you need the Keysmart Rugged is amazing plus they have it in Titanium. Normally I carry a SwissTech key tool and a MyKee.

  8. I felt the same way about the Orbitkey Clip, but it's actually been holding up very well for the 10 months that I've been using it.
    I kinda wish they'd release an actual clip that slides onto a belt or pants that don't have belt loops.
    I initially ordered the bottle opener thinking I wouldn't need all the features of the multi-tool, but now I regret it & will probably order the multi-tool.

    Props to you guys for actually using these products for a full year to provide extensive, trustworthy reviews!

  9. TSA compliant depends on if the officer had his coffee that morning 😛

    I carry plastic kids scissors with rounded tips and they've been confiscated, but I've eventually received them back after explaining why they hold no threat. But, I never had luck in getting back two of my titanium light my fire sporks😢. Now, I only take plastic ones.

    Carbiners work fine for me. I have too many keys and gadgets for a regular keyring. Interesting video. Thanks.

  10. I've been using a Grimlock carabiner with the FreeKey key ring, but this looks better and cleaner. I have too much non key items on my keyring, though, so not sure if it is worth it to me.

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