Overwatch: Bastion Gameplay Preview (EU)

For the best viewing experience, please watch in 1080p HD.
Bastion’s combat programming takes control in this unedited match from an early version of Overwatch, captured in 60fps on PC. Here, Bastion plays on the offensive team in King’s Row, a Point Capture/Payload hybrid map situated in the heart of England.

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29 thoughts on “Overwatch: Bastion Gameplay Preview (EU)

  1. Reminds me of Hawken mechs. Self-repair with no CD and that turret mode with a frontal shield are very familiar. Turning into a tank is interesting though. 😛

  2. Cool vid, cool character. Bastions regular machine gun sounds like someone spitting porridge at bubble wrap, its really awful.

  3. 4:25 Bastion: "Please don't look over here, Please don't look over here. Just let me eat my sandvich in peace"
    Is Reaper invincible or something? I believe he only regen because of Zenyatta, why Bastion can't just shot? He is in his Ultimate.

  4. Looks like a difficult class to play. What I mean is people will shy away from Bastion on high level team competitive matches and go for more mobile characters with a different set of special abilities. Though it's good that the self-repair works as fast as it does. And I'm also getting flashbacks from tf2 on people who dont know how to play that stack the payload with heavies

  5. Omg brilliant. I don't know why I belittled this guy by comparing him to TF2's Heavy in the past. With the surprisingly lethal SMG, shields, ability to deal damage at range, decent movement speed, self-repair (not requiring a specific "loadout" and replacing your alt-wep like in TF2), and that incredible ultimate, he's just so much more versatile. I can't decide on a main between this guy, Torbjörn and Zenyatta. I love that his show-case video took place on offence (not defence), too.

  6. 3 observations.

    1, Bastion looks to be one of the stronger, lone-wolf type classes so far. With efficient skill, it looks like he can carry a good part of the team by himself.

    2, There were numerous times where he got a kill, even if a teammate was standing in his direct line of fire. I wonder if weapons go through allies to damage enemies? Would make sense in a team-based game, where potentially large characters are all standing around a small objective.

    3, I've always found it interesting, that Overwatch tries to tackle rapid-fire assault riffles. Everyone's first impression (and snarky comment on Twitter) was this looks like Team Fortress 2, but very few classes in that game had rapidfire weapons, and they're typically weak companions to the class' more specific function, like the Sniper and Medic. I love that they're actively trying to attempt this, while also balancing AOE weapons like Winston's Tesla cannon, Quake-style projectiles with Pharah and single-shot weapons like McCree. I hope (and am pretty sure) that Blizzard is up to the challenge.

  7. Probably my favourite hero ^^ . I love the fact that you either kill bastion, or see him come back full health wether there's a medic close by or not.

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