27 thoughts on “PayDirt Review. eBay Seller: sly100

  1. Well I was hoping you'd have better bag this time, but at least it's better than the last one! Maybe each time it'll get better!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I hope you’re next bag is better. You might need to talk to Miller Prospecting as he gets some good bags occasionally.

  3. I think you would have better luck with Home Depot sand Bags of finding gold then these ebay sellers. Just saying. Thanks AL HH BOL

  4. I once forgot about a 3 pound bag of Paydirt shipped in 2 Zip lock bags for about 6 months. It was still moist . Lol

  5. Hello Evg Hobbies . Is that the most gold you have gotten out of any paydirt. Better than the last one . Thanks for the video

  6. Great review ! This is more gold than most paydirt reviews I have seen. Hoping your next bag produces more gold for you !Thanks for sharing 🙂

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