Peak Design Travel Tripod: First Field Review

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I have had a long and bumpy history with tripods. One of them fell into a lake with my 5DS when I was shooting stars. So ever since then I have been very hesitant about using them. Until now. Peak Design just came out with their first tripod, and it has convinced me to start bringing one into the field again.

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30 thoughts on “Peak Design Travel Tripod: First Field Review

  1. Hey, you 're introducing the tripod, not yourself, why keep moving the tripod? We all want a tripod to be very light and portable, able to snug into a small backpack for traveler. Please design one ! This tripod still too big! No much diff than a Gitzo GT2542T

  2. Peak Design is taking their backers on a jolly good ride. if latest updates on Kickstarter are anything, the backers of their tripod are going to be stiffed big time.

    Especially those of whom ordered for Carbon Fiber model. Without much forethought, they have decided to replace the center column for all tripods to Aluminum while not reducing the cost of the CF tripod under flimsy excuse that Aluminium was better.

    Cannot contain my laughter of how they are milking their reputation and misleading their backers.

  3. Well, guys. Don't be so harsh to him XD
    the video is still high quality and i really liked it. He may paid or not, But i understand well how business is working.
    I don't wanna judge him especially when he made this wonderful quality videography. About price for Carbon one, YES, IT IS PRICEY. I agree with it. BUT some pricey stuffs are not for EVERYONE. Also there is aluminium option with acceptable price. If you think it's definitely overprice? There are many other tripods out there.
    I think Peak Design tripod has a thing. It's different in many good ways compared to other old style tripods.
    I like the new technology. So for me, Peak Design tripod is worth the money.

  4. Nice commercial. Peak Design is really great in creating hypes. Actual products? Just so so. Every one of these "reviews" I've seen, the "reviewers" are all so hyper-excited about the flip-lock legs. LMAO. The flip-lock mechanism on tripod has been around for several decades. These people acted like they have just discovered sliced breads. This seems to be the top selling point for this "cool" tripod when in reality it's neither new nor unique. Come on, people.

    BTW, great acting when you STAGE the tipping over of those other tripods. Yeah, right, the PD would never tip over. Do you have a bridge to sell too. LMAO.

  5. Nice advertisement … the Peak Design ball head design and the way it has to be raised up to use doesn't appeal to me. I don't do travel photography, so maybe that's not an issue for others. The price they've given as the MSRP is not appealing. I wouldn't pay that much for a travel tripod. I carry a bit heavier tripod with a fluid head so this one is really of no interest. Peak Design products all seem overpriced to me, but maybe I'm just cheap.

  6. I like how you completely ignore all the people telling you this is not a review and just keep the word “review” in the title.

  7. I stop watching after the first minute… Not a good idea to trash camera like this even it may broken already or may not.

  8. This product is great.>>> Forget all the ultrasonic devices. They are junk. Read the straightforward instructions, set in your yard and you are good to go.

  9. You can see the expensive production crew(3:51) paid for the commercial. They invented what Sachtler (real tripod company) already invented years ago. It looks like many photographers have some serious physical conditions, they can carry a real tripod with them because is too heavy, funny.

  10. So basically, I’ll never watch another video of yours because I’m here for a REVIEW, not a sales pitch. Have some integrity, man.

  11. I think you don't understand the concept of a review. A review means Pros and Cons, all you talked about was Pros. It didn't feel like you actually used the tripod, just made up a bunch of random tests. When you been in the photography industry long enough you and I know that there is no such thing as the perfect product. I won't be buying this tripod and definitely won't be subbing. I came here for a review and got an Ad. Thanks for wasting my time.

  12. the montage of not knowing how to use a tripod convinced me to stop the video, make this comment, then move on to someone who isn't clearly a shill. if you truly like it, that's great, but it's not believable after you spent the first 2 minutes pretending to hate tripods because they're "poorly designed." news flash: tripod design hasn't changed in over 300 years.

    sorry to inform you but the tripod you love is no different than other tripods currently on the market aside from the contoured legs and a crippled, fixed ball head. that alone forces the question of why you like this tripod so much over all others. based on the comments, it seems you never get around to that, instead rattling off Peak Design's talking points regarding their new product.

  13. The vedio is great, well done but I felt the video was really biased towards this new tripod.
    I was on the fence between the gitzo series 1 and this and if there was a fair comparison between those two tripods, I would have believed this review.
    What about the negatives? Or did PD tell you not to talk about it for 💸 – its business after all

    I honestly don't think it's overpriced like most people are saying as it comes with a lifetime warranty.

  14. Great stuff 👌🏼 when you coming to South Afraca? Make sure to give a shout if you do. @coenietorlage on insta😄💪🏼

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