PES 5 (Winning Eleven 9) Messi, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho Stats (PES Memories)

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Long Time Ago….. PES 5 Back in the Days where Ronaldinho was the best player in the world…. Messi just getting started in the soccer world, and Cristiano was still a role player in Manchester United. Hope you really like this video, thanks 🙂


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48 thoughts on “PES 5 (Winning Eleven 9) Messi, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho Stats (PES Memories)

  1. I spent tons of hours to edit the kits and teams logos

    Pes still pes of shit till this day and never get the licenses

  2. In my life I played every title of this incredible saga, from Winning Eleven to PES naming, but this, this was the best I guess

  3. Good old days playing this over and over again, I spent countless hours editing and playing master league. I have played football videogames since ISS until the latest Fifa, but no game made me have so much fun as the PES/WE from the mid 2000s did.

  4. so many memories so many hours days years and this pes was played more than all the other versions cause pes 6 was released 2 years after 5 at 2007,anyway these was the best moments of pro so many excellent players and teams to choose you was never bored playing and always remember have 2 tvies and 2 ps2 close playing side by side with my friend

  5. back then when these graphics was real crazy, just look up for football games from late 90s and 2001 till 2003 and you will understand

  6. Some best memories in PES 5 career mode :
    — Creating player and editing his outlooks. Unlocking all fancy outlooks 😀
    — That moment when an ability increases by 1 😉
    — When you bid for star players and get successful 0_0
    — Buying old players for free and leading the team with them 💪
    — Creating your own emblems, uniforms.

  7. I like how Messi's stats are shit since he was just another one in the bench back then, now his stats are all over 90 lol.

  8. This makes me wanna go into my garage and get my silver ps2 out and play a bit of pes 05 (no one would call it pes we’d call it pro evo) in fact I’ll unplug my PS4 now seen as FIFA’s ded

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