Pink's Picks! | 56 Minute Pink Panther and Pals Compilation

Watch Pink Panther’s favorites from Pink Panther and Pals!

(1) Notably Pink – Pink Panther and Big Nose explore different types of music genres and musical instruments. (2) Pink or Consequences – Pink Panther competes in a game show against Big Nose. (3) Life in the Pink Lane – Pink Panther and Big Nose compete in a serious game of bowling. (4) The Pink, The Bad, The Ugly – After Big Nose robs a bank, Pink Panther must get the money back and the two duel it out. (5) The Spy Wore Pink – Pink Panther is recruited to retrieve a special disc and deliver it to another agent. However, Pink Panther must be careful not to let it fall into the hands of his enemy, Big Nose. (6) And Not A Drop to Pink – Pink Panther is in Ancient Egypt on the hunt for a fountain of youth, but must deal with a zombie Big Nose to get to the fountain. (7) Pink Pink Pink Pink – Pink Panther buys a machine that multiplies things. Four Pink Panthers result and the three clones wreak havoc. (8) Pinkular Mechanics – Pink Panther’s scooter breaks down. When Pink Panther tries to repair it, he finds monsters inside that become threats to the city.

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