Pioneer DDJ-SZ Hands-On Review

We take the new Pioneer DDJ-SZ controller through its paces in this new review from Chris Brackley/Mojaxx. Grab a DDJ-SZ here:
Read the full review here:

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Tommi Oskari – Stress Test (Lowbit Records)

Spada – Red Velvet Dress (Ego)

DJ Scene & Jayceeoh – Damn (Fool’s Gold Records)


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31 thoughts on “Pioneer DDJ-SZ Hands-On Review

  1. Excelente explicación, una pregunta si me puede ayudar tengo una SZ pero no me esta haciendo bien el corte en el croosfader, se escucha un poquito la canción del otro deck, porque puede ser esto. Gracias si puedes ayudar.

  2. coming from the sx I understand completely about the platters I always wished they were bigger now that I have the sz Im digging the new platters much more.

  3. Hi there.I sold my ddj-sx but now I'm really confused which controller to choose: pioneer xdj-rx , ddj-sx2 or ddj-sz.Any suggestion?

  4. sticking with my ddj sx but man i wish they had of thought of some of these features when making the sx… off the topic whats with all these british geezers over pronouncing the letter K on the end of words lately ???? ( @ 0;15 4 decK ) am i the only one thats picking up on this …. we keep it rugged hear in OZ  !!!

  5. No auto loops is a BIG disappointment to me. I currently run 2 cdj2000's and a DJM2000 with a MPD 32. The mpd DOES 8,4,2,1,1/2,1/4,1/8,1/16 Loops for me and the faders run serato effects. I was thinking of switching to the DDJsz but i didnt want to still have my MPD setup anymore. Look like I'm still fucked there. I would assume the same is true with the DDJsp1

  6. i have been watching your reviews for some time now, i enjoy your work ethic and good journalism skills you put out there ! For the second part this unit is nothing but yet another cruel joke of pioneer, praying on our wallets as they did right after their KURO  line of TV's has gone bust, for the amount they are charging young wannabe dj's or mobile dj's is insane, i am sure that within 2 years after selling mass volume of this controllers they will put out something similar like the Numark V7, the unit has come out with faults, regarding the jog wheels  and i don't believe this controller will be in dj booths in Ibiza, i hope some of you will see my point, i have spent less on my gear, and i can proudly say I'm glad i did not make pioneer a little richer

  7. @MojaxxVDJ Good to see you doing your thing for @DJ TechTools my man! You're always on point with the reviews.

    I had fun reviewing this unit too and I also feel it should have post fader effects. When it comes to turntablism I did notice the difference between CDJ jogwheels and the conductive touch jogwheels on the SZ. I think the CDJ's do react a little bit better/faster. The SZ jogs need a millisecond to be 'activated' when you touch them. It's not much, but still noticeable when you try to do beatjuggles and stuff like that.  

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