Pioneer DDJ-SZ Serato DJ Controller Official Walkthrough

The new DDJ-SZ is the Flagship Serato DJ Controller from Pioneer and has the build quality and features professional DJs have come to expect from the Club Standard CDJ-2000NXS players and DJM-900NXS mixer. New features include Oscillator, 6 Colour FX units, Customisable Multicolour Pads, and much much more.

The DDJ-SZ will be available in March 2014 for £1749, €1999 and $2399 MSRP. The first 5,000 units sold worldwide will be bundled with a free license for the Serato Video plug-in (worth $149).

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My Nu Leng & Taiki & Nu Light – No 2 (Black Butter)


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27 thoughts on “Pioneer DDJ-SZ Serato DJ Controller Official Walkthrough

  1. In comparison with Serato vs Traktor ,the serato by far stands out to be the most reliable and crash proof (given that you've met the requirements)compared to Traktor the NI do deliver amazing products but their DJ software range espically traktor ddjt1 and scratch pro have been very disappointing it's a shame afterall.

  2. Cant believe this is the ls Serato DJ controller Pioneer are going to release, well Rekorbox is Pioneer's way forward, goodbye Serato, you made us proud.

  3. dear pioneer dj equipment,

    You make the coolest turntable videos that we love

    but then we watch and we all say "Man that looks cool"

    so we go online to buy one and there flippin 1000$

    this makes me really mad (like if you agree)

  4. the reason why i loove this controller is because theres a horn on it and can increase the phase and make it sound like a build..helps with builds alot..

  5. @pioneer dj I just purchased this unit in July 2016 (3 months ago) brought it home, did 2 gigs with it and the left jog wheel doesn't scratch any more. I took it to a Pioneer authorized repair center in Los Angeles, CA. they fixed the issue. i even tested the unit before i left the service center. i get home to play with it and find out that the fader doesn't work. it bleeds on both ends. so now i have to drive again, 2 hours there to get the fader looked at, drive back home, wait for them to call me back so i can pick it up, drive there another 2 hours and see what happens. so I'm going to spend 16 hours of driving (about 450 miles) to get this $2000.00 USD dj console fixed. Pioneer, How can you make this right?

  6. I have to say I am pretty discontent with this controller, it does not do it for me. I want to trade it for a djm 900 nexus 2 mixer or at least money towards it

  7. hi.please a want to know the size of the speakers in this was 50x ,60x or 80x.because i want to buy a Ardan Stans and the size of speakers in this video is perfect.thank you.waiting fora answer

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