Pioneer DDJ-SZ Serato DJ Controller Review Video

The Pioneer DJ Division’s new Flagship Serato DJ controller called the Pioneer DDJ-SZ retains many of the features and functions of the widely popular DDJ-SX, while adding more real estate for a bigger and more professional footprint, bigger full “CDJ-sized” jog wheels, Multi-Color Backlit Performance Pads, Dual USB Ports for seamless transitions, a magnetic MAGVEL crossfader, and a full-blown DJM mixer section with Sound Color FX and DVS capability.

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24 thoughts on “Pioneer DDJ-SZ Serato DJ Controller Review Video

  1. i been on 1200"s since 1985, tried everything on the market that has a great turntable feel with quality construction and comfort, for me THIS IS IT! best money i ever spent, light as hell and it does amazing things, i friggin love it, sold my turntables last week, i just cant carry them things every weekend, too dam heavy, this is a great buy,,

  2. Shame pioneer don't make them jogwheel sections with the pads separate like they have with the cdj or media players ones.

  3. I just picked up one of these. It's discontinued but It came bundled with Virtual DJ 8 full version as well as serato. Is there anything you can speak about pertaining to vdj8?

  4. Thank you for your details and thorough review. I love this. I have never considered buying a controller until now. I need full size

  5. Thanks for such a detailed review. Even watching you mess with the one track showed me how powerful this device can be for mixing live music. I cannot wait to get one of these now, just need to check other products and make sure I'm getting the right one for me. I will be watching and reading all your reviews, thanks so much!

  6. @ DJ booth quick question for you booth. See I'm new to the SZ and messing around with the echo color FX I don't know what I did but now I can"t get it to come on again. Is there a way I can remap it? please Help if you can

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