Pioneer Israel presents Dj BrainDeaD & Dj Bago – DDj-SZ & PLX-1000

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Here it is! The new & official Pioneer Israel video featuring BrainDeaD & Bago and Pioneer’s finest gear –
DDJ-SZ & PLX-1000!
Props go to the “Solo” club for the sweet location & to Momy Levy for the great vocals!
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Produced by: Pioneer Israel
Music produced by: BrainDeaD
Shot & Edited by: Juicy Productions
Filmed at the “Solo” club

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32 thoughts on “Pioneer Israel presents Dj BrainDeaD & Dj Bago – DDj-SZ & PLX-1000

  1. Meu sonho é ser uma dj , um sonho inesquecível um sonho que talvez seja real um sonho que eu seja real , nunca vou desistir do meu sonho eu vou lutar é lutar para consiquir meu sonho

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