Playing with Gel Polish and Nail Foils

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Up-dated 6/6/18 ~~~~Welcome to my “happy place”. I started my channel (Moon Baby Nails) on April 19th, 2016, after years of stalking other amazing You Tubers. I learned a lot from those videos and continue to learn from other YouTubers and my subscribers each and every day. I never dreamed my channel would be what it is today and that so many of you would subscribe and watch my videos. You may noticed that there are never any ads on my channel, that’s because I am not monetize which means I do not make any money off of my videos. I like it this way, I believe it helps keep me real, honest and mostly it keeps it from being work. I make videos because I enjoy making them, sharing what I am up to. I am not a trained nail artist, and do not view my videos as tutorials, just felt the need to throw that out there. For me, it’s like I am sitting here painting my nails with my best girlfriend……that would be you. Thank~you for taking the time to watch my video. Until next time, be good to yourself.

TTYL, my friend

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Filmed with: Nikon Coolpix S6900
Edited with: Windows Live Movie Maker


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23 thoughts on “Playing with Gel Polish and Nail Foils

  1. I love foils, they are so pretty. Everyone that uses gel shouldn't get it on their skin, as that is what causes lifting, so it is a good habit to have to clean up. Love the mani. Tfs – xoxo Emmie

  2. Yep I get really concerned with gel getting on my fingers…had my skin peel on all my fingers once. Now I pretty much only use gels on press ons.

  3. Omg Tweezers are my mortal enemy lol. I love this mani & would love to see more fool mania when you or are up for it. Thank for sharing bye die now Eileen.

  4. So pretty Tina. The purple foils are lovely.

    Quick question……. what’s with all these repetitive comments on your video? Is it spam or what?? Am I missing something….it just seemed so unusual Tina 😁🙋🏻💕💕

  5. I liked it. I honestly didn't know you.could use foils that way on gel. I knew you could get it to stick sporadically after curing but not stick that well. Ty for showing this

  6. well I hope it's actually your video I'm commenting on Tina, cuz youtube is having a major malfunction lol. I love that jewel tone purple against the black. Tfs

  7. Beautiful!! Do you hve the new Sinful Colors Neons? If so will you PLZ try to watermarble with them, I saw a post of a friend and she said tey dd wteble, but e had bit of a time with them. I just got mine, I want to tr, but I would love to see your take on a marble firs LOL. TFS! <3

  8. I always use a file when I do something like this…but… I ALWAYS double top coat FIRST. Curing for each coat before I file. I'm still wearing my Easter mani, a gradient pastel pink/lavender with a Northern Lights-type of glitter topper. I let that sit for a day (4 hours recommended, as I learned from Colette), then I foiled. But…it had been too long since I had used foils, I was tired, my back hurt and head ached…my excuses, at least. After about five tries to foil one Easter egg on my ring finger with absolutely NO transfer, my frustration level had hit rock bottom! Then…oops!!! I had my foils upside down. Now, I am not a novice here, but…. Sighs. After waking up to my stupidity, I still couldn't get a decent foil transfer. And that I have no explanation for. Whatever! Finally I gave in, got out my nail matt, and put a good amount of clear polish down to dry. Stamping on the decals and IMMED IATELY laying down the foil…shiny side UP 😱❣, I got fantastic foiled decals. And since I had a gel top coat over my polish, it was so easy to arrange the decals exactly where I wanted them. Then back to the LED lamp, 60 seconds, followed by two more coats of no-wipe gel top coats. PERFECT Easter mani.!!! Only three days in the making. 😖! But it was worth it… everyone marveled at it. Good thing, since I will be wearing it at least two more weeks. Although I may take off the Easter eggs on my ring nails and the Happy Easter on my left thumb and Easter basket on my right earlier. But just put nail polish back on, add foiled decals of something different… butterflies ? And good to go. The reason I am ratting myself out like this…. I want beginners to know… experience doesn't mean anything if it doesn't work out. Like my band teacher always said, practice doesn't make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect…😁👍❣

  9. Can I say those are pretty to many times.. cause girl those are pretty.. you know if purple is involved I'm in .. Hi Woody.. great workout today .. tfs hugs

  10. Would love to see you do more natural nail videos on clients, including revel dip powder. Thank you!

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