Popeye’s Postcards Q&A Selling Postcards For Profit On Ebay

Answering viewer questions about selling postcards
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22 thoughts on “Popeye’s Postcards Q&A Selling Postcards For Profit On Ebay

  1. I love love your videos. I learn a lot from you thank you so much. I actually love looking at the old photo postcards and I feel kind of drawn into that world when I do, never thought I’d be interested in postcards. I got a bunch for a low price a while back and just started going through them. I have sold a few and I’m posting more. I really do enjoy it even if they don’t sell but obviously it’s much better when they do. I also got some old yearbooks for no cost and there’s one from the 1930s. I started looking through it and found myself interested in the old photos, notes, and people. It would be cool to time travel but now I’m sounding nuts so I’ll stop. Anyway keep making videos.

  2. Have you tried using SixBit to schedule your listings to end and relist automatically? Some folks on the Scavenger life forum are using SixBit to get around the GTC issue.

  3. Great to see you back! I have the ES-400 and it has worked perfectly for over a year. Having the scanner has been a game-changer.

  4. I got inspired by your postcard show videos, I typically source at antique malls and on eBay. Went to my first Postcard show today and met a wonderful dealer couple. Told them I sell Postcards and Victorian Trade Cards on eBay and ended up purchasing their bulk overstock about 18,000 Postcards for $240. My 6-year-old daughter went as well and ended up buying some gorgeous Holiday Clapsaddle cards. She said I can't sell those though, they are for "Her Collection" 🙂

  5. 35:56 those same seller/s that list cards for pennies, how are they able to list that many at auction when we are limited to 1,000/mo vs. 10K for fixed price? There is no way (that I know) to convert any of the 10K to auction (only 10 days), unless they are paying extra for that? Maybe they are listing 5K…ending the listings…then relisting as auctions? One of these stores has over 200K feedback x 1 in 5 people bothering to leave feedback. That's a bunch of postcard sales! Still think it's a waste of time.

  6. 20:27 these stores have a negative impact on sales in general. They bring the prices down on cards that would normally sell for $3-5. Not good! Like you, not sure how the heck they make money. It must be overall volume. When checking their completed sales/feedback, I noticed some people will buy 20 cards and a few might sell for $2-3 that offsets the cards that only sell for pennies….still have to factor in postage cost.

  7. Excellent video, John! I really enjoyed the Q&A format (and thank you for answering my question, btw!). 🙂 One of the best investments that I made when I started selling postcards (on your recommendation) was purchasing the Epson DS-510 scanner. I've had it for several years now and it's still going strong! It must be a good scanner if it sells for such a high price now that it is discontinued! As a side note – I'm wondering if eBay would accept the tracking number from LetterTrack Pro for their tracking requirement? It may not be worth the time and effort to enter all those numbers since, as you mentioned, the benefits for being Top Rated Seller have been significantly reduced.

  8. I have definitely gotten a big push in my knowledge and interest in selling postcards. Since I started watching you John.Thank you!

  9. That scanner you showed is much less expensive than the one that I believe you have previously mentioned. The workforce es-400 does not specifically mention scanning photos that I see. Do you think it will scan photos as good as the fast photo ff-640?

  10. You should get an affiliate link….I literally ordered that scanner from amazon while watching the video! Thanks for answering my questions!

  11. I really appreciate your willingness to share information and love the question/answer format. My wife steals my good cards too. It sucks sometimes, but it keeps her from complaining about the amount of money I spend on my postcard lot purchases. I figure it's a small price to pay… Great videos. Thanks again.

  12. I’m so glad you are back and making more videos. I appreciate the valuable knowledge you share. Keep up the good work!

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