Porch Review 2019: The rise and fall of Lowe’s lead generation

Porch Review 2019: The rise and fall of Lowe’s lead generation

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6 thoughts on “Porch Review 2019: The rise and fall of Lowe’s lead generation

  1. Hi, can you tell us what is a viable lead generation company that small independents can use – we already wear so many hats just being in business.

  2. Another point of clarity regarding Lowe's. Porch has several large retail partners that we ourselves do small jobs for; like Installing ceiling fans, wall mounting TVs, assembly of swing sets, BBQ grills etc. Lowe's has a very successful exterior services business and have always done their own roofing, windows, and siding jobs. Any programs we were working with them on in past or future, were not aimed at replacing or subsidising that business for Lowe's.

  3. I see that Dmitry has removed the thread to the previous video after I posted the following on that thread. I think Dmitry makes great points about our lack of new posts. Frankly, we have been heads down and working on our offering, It's certainly an area we need to address and I stated that in the below post… which as stated above, is no longer available.


    Wanted to circle back on this thread as Dmitry and I had a discussion yesterday. First I want thank Dmitry for his comments and the way that he presents the feedback. He always seems to do a great job at providing direct and objective feedback which is truly valuable for me and my peers at Porch.

    After our conversation and some research on our end, we discovered that Dmitry's company has been purchasing leads from our PayGo product. This means his company purchases them a la carte, one at a time. Some of those leads are great leads, however those leads have NOT been filtered for the same quality standards as the leads that we auto-distribute to our subscription customers. For our vetted professionals, we do offer our "Guaranteed Connection" which means if you call twice AND email OR text twice, and never connect with the homeowner, that lead will be credited back to you. Our lead credit policy is online if anyone wants more details.

    We're doing a lot to ensure we're providing value to our service professionals and to be clear, we have had our fair share of struggles in doing so. One of our latest products addresses these quality struggles directly. Because of the partnerships we have, we talk to over 70K homeowners every month. When a homeowner has a project that we cannot do directly for them via our own service group, we will warm transfer them directly to one of our regional/local vetted service professionals. These are our highest intent / quality leads and we have seen a great deal of success since launching this new product. My recommendation is to call (855) 270-3272 Porch and speak to an onboarding specialist to see if your company qualifies to be in this referral program. This program removes the burden of having to actively call busy homeowners which can certainly be frustrating and not a very effective use of time for business owners that wear many hats.

    Again, I want to thank Dmitry for his time and valuable feedback and to also say that your feedback is always welcome. I hope my comments provide additional clarity and that you all continue pushing Porch to raise the bar in terms of the service and the quality of our offerings.

  4. I’m a Northern California contractor and I just ended my porch account, too many people fishing and porch rules for reimbursement are a difficult task to complete in order to get a refund. Total bologna. I had one paying customer out of 6 leads. Not for me

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