Powers of X #1 – Review (HICKMAN DOES IT AGAIN!)

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18 thoughts on “Powers of X #1 – Review (HICKMAN DOES IT AGAIN!)

  1. I have been reading X-Men comic books for close to twenty years. I picked up on the Grant Morrison run. The style and ephesians of story telling was lacking many years ago due to Marvel not wanting to promote the Fox films in their universe by creating great stories. The decision by Marvel publishing was not as bad as completely cancelling the series as in the Fantastic Four case in point. Yet I hung in there even though I noticed how other Marvel titles has better writters pegged into their run in order to increase interest and sales on those titles. I experiencing the uphora as if the drought of ignoring and placing focus into the Merry Mutants has come to an end at at the House of Ideas. Oh let it rain once again and let the fans' thirst be squelched.
    Keep up the using of Power of X and House of X to help us maybe catch reading morsel detailed that we may have missed. The Mars reference was something that stay in the back of my mind and you brought it back to the forefront. I felt what Gur would say, "oh yah" in Invader Zim when he would realized something out of the blue.

  2. Great review, I was a little bit lost on some things so was awesome to get this review!!! You got yourself a subscriber 🙂 thank you sir

  3. I'm pretty certain that the place we see in House of X with that "Xavier" is the breeding pits on Mars. It would explain why some of the characters were acting creepy as hell, like "Cyclops" and "Wolverine".

    Those two characters with Wolverine and Magneto, I believe, are Xorn (Zorn??? Whatever.) and Black Tom. I'm not 100% sure on that, though.

  4. Jonathan Hickman is killing this story and we are only 2 issues in. They include so much content and this story is just amazing! Reading House of X and thinking for the first time in all the marvel history the mutant race will be the dominated species. Loved the concept! Then reading Powers of X and thinking to myself I guess everything has consequences……this is awesome! Everything! And who in the right mind though letting Mr.Sinester do his project would be a good idea?! Magneto probably had something to do with it….or even to the extreme to think Apocalypse……but man great great review! Loved that you went page by page and highlighted the key plots and chapters. Had to follow! 👌 hope you do one for House of X #2…..is highlighted on red so I already know is going to be a bomb issue. Cant wait!

  5. i love how both books have been borrowing some methods from general graphic design. used to be a graphic designer and i appreciate all these well thought out details.

    like on page one it's basically a visual table of contents.

    and how they made their own alphabet to create a visual feel that mirrors the biologic feel of krakoa.

    and the type they used on the exposition pages. love it.

    well… not to mention the story and the art. overall: beautiful books.

    i'm back to being an x-man fan! i dread the day hickman gets tired of this. it took two books for him to make me feel goosebumps again when i read an x-book.

  6. I barely readed a bunch of random X-Men comics years ago.

    But fuck I'm excited and buying this ones, such a perfect story to start reading the mutants it seems.

  7. SOOOOO….does he have telekinesis now? I was stuck on that page trying to figure it out. Lol Charles that is…receiving the flash drive.

  8. Great issue… definitely getting into the story! So much information to process; you can't skip a single line of text, or skip over a panel of art else you'll miss an important / interesting detail! I wonder if the 'mutant language' pages at the end say something important? Has this 'language' been deciphered yet?

  9. I thought it was an awesome story. Loved rasputin too. Hope she becomes a regular on xmen series. The people with wolverine were (I think) xorn and black tom cassidy. Also I thought that was a descendant of magneto hes wearing polaris' green

  10. Aside from this breeding pit on Mars, this comic didn't give me much insight on the X-Men story. It was cool to see Mystique Charles and Magneto too. But Future stuff doesn't hit the mark for me.

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