Hey Friends, Just a little update on how the twins are doing. This pregnancy is getting harder and harder by the week. In this video, I take you with me on my doctors appt and what they did as well as give you an update on a recent hospital trip I made and why.


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Welcome to my channel! I am a blended family mama to 6 boys and we are currently pregnant with boy/girl twins through IVF. I love talking about motherhood and like providing solutions for on the go or stay at home moms. If you have any special requests on how we do things in our family be sure to leave a comment and I will gladly make a video on it. 🙂 Look forward to connecting with you all!

Much Love -Christa


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  1. I think I’m just a week behind you! I’m 33 weeks and 3 days. My husband travels for work too and I am SO paranoid that I’m going to go into labor while he’s gone!! 😳 You are looking great girl 💕

  2. Just found your channel, and already love it. Subscribed and looking forward to see more from you! Hope we can maybe support each other! 💙

  3. Glad you and the babies are doing well and fingers crossed they keep cooking until 38 weeks. Glad your still feeling good at this point and I can only image how hard it must be to roll over and get out of bed. Don’t be ashamed of giving into cravings, eat as many rice crispy‘ sad you want. This is your time to indulge and gain weight without judgement. I know not everyone agrees with eating for 3 but you deserve to take advantage. You have the cutest bump and are all belly. How much weight have you gained so far? Have you had any trouble bending over to pick things up or shave your legs? You should do pregnancy morning and night time routine videos. You should do the baby momma dance video and pre pregnancy clothes try on videos in a few weeks. You should try and do weekly pregnancy updates now that your in the home stretch.

  4. I've got of lot of future video ideas for you! Let's see: house tour, what I eat in a day, spring/maternity fashion haul, belly painting/name reveal with your kids (for example:, another cleaning vlog (very partial to these), walking the baby out/ways to induce labor, best/worst things about pregnancy list.
    Oh, and you should totally film yourself bouncing on a trampoline pre-labor. I don't think a twin mom has ever done that!

  5. Girl – you eat that Rice Krispy treat and don't feel guilty. I think the biggest thing that momma's need to hear these days is to not live bound by guilt. We worry so much about our body, our kids bodies, our "duties and tasks" that we allow to be held in "guilt mode" too often. Live it out girl and don't be so hard on yourself. AND you are having babies residing in your body and sometimes they want a rice krispy treat too – so eat two. 😉

  6. Awwww, you’re pregnant with twins! Congratulations, that’s so exciting.
    I hate it when my husband has to travel 😩.
    Good luck on the rest of your pregnancy journey, delivery and postpartum recovery.

  7. So glad everything is good. I’ve never heard of jumping on the trampoline.. you would think that would work (and yes, probably painful at the same time) aww so glad you didn’t go in labor with him being gone! You look great girl! I’ve gained so much.. I’m just now in my 28th week trying to eat a little better. Great update! Good luck with everything 💕💙

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