Privilege Series 5 Catamaran Review 2019 | Our Search For The Perfect Catamaran.

Welcome to our review of the Privelege 5.0 catamaran, now rebranded as the Privilege 510. These amazing, luxurious and expensive catamarans are many peoples idea of the dream boat, but what would we think? Will this make the perfect liveaboard catamaran or will it fall short of the mark?

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21 thoughts on “Privilege Series 5 Catamaran Review 2019 | Our Search For The Perfect Catamaran.

  1. Lovely catamaran great review, the Privilege seems to pass most criteria. Only thing is the length, the headroom and rear facing nav station, and off course the cost.

  2. Perhaps the front center cabin is more suited for the mother-in-law just to put her off coming to visit you again 😂🤦‍♂️

  3. Want this, but definitely want a forward facing nav-station that can doble as backup helm station.
    the 2mill price point, = fantastic ventilation, but you must be running the AC 24/7 and why would you not if you can swing 2mill for your floating home.?

  4. Beautiful boat indeed – so well finished. Bit dated looking though vis a vis the limited views and the sloping cabin. Apart from the master the beds look really small too – hardly a double. Nick said they were big and heavy and probably slow but Wiley Sharpe did a review on one and stated the owner had topped 17 knots crossing the Atlantic (not surfing). Relatively cheap too at 899k USD – don't think it sold. Great channel guys. Fair winds from NS.

  5. That soft carpet-like fabric that lines the walls of the bedrooms (to hide the glass work underneath) does insulate and quiet the hulls, but it gets stained and disgusting after a while.

  6. Privilege all they way!

    If you haven’t already, check out the channel, Sailing Zatara. They upgraded to a Privilege 585 (from a monohull) and they absolutely love it. Family of 6 circumnavigating.

  7. It is really not a cheap boat, but your opinion about the value for money is not correct. You recognised the really perfect finish at any part of the boat and yes, you have to pay for that – and not for the location of the shipyard! So, a 5 out of 10 would be a fair rating.

  8. This is the hybrid Series 5 Privilege looking at the throttle at the helm….perhaps explains why Privilege did not allow access to the engine bay. A look at the Series 5 with the Torqeedo Deep Blue solution would have been fantastic….seems they are stealthy about the project and are keeping quiet…. competitive reasons I guess??

  9. Privilege Boats are just like Bugattis or Rolls Royce, 3/10 in term of value for the money, they are not about to be built in Mexico or Vietnam and sold for half their current price, this is not about to happen for the same reasons…
    Still buyer of those toys couldn't care less and probably don't ever ask the price before signing up.

  10. That's an insane master cabin! If you're buying this boat you don't care about performance and it's all about space. I'm impressed. Great review guys.

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