PROSPERITY BURGER! BEST McDonald’s Meal in Singapore | Chinese New Year FEAST

I’ve tried many of the McDonald’s from different parts of the country. And for this Singapore McDonald’s review, I tried the prosperity menu that they served for the Chinese New Year. This McDonald had the best burger, peach pie, and pandan ice cream! It’s by far one of the best McDonald’s ever!
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41 thoughts on “PROSPERITY BURGER! BEST McDonald’s Meal in Singapore | Chinese New Year FEAST

  1. Goddamit. I've always prides myself in always diving into the local food, but now I'm going to have to go to McDowell next time in Singapore…

  2. Mikey have you tried the Popeye's chicken sandwich? Wondering what you think compared to the Singaporean McSpicy/McChicken sandwich? Watching your vids leaves me hungry!

  3. It’s actually so smart for McDonald’s to change the menu in different places. For one thing they do it because of the community near the McDonald’s. And also, it would make you curious of what it tastes like and what’s different in Singapore making you go to McDonald’s instead of any other restaurant. Very smart

  4. Hi Mikey, tbh the apple pie in SG has the same crust as the peach pie! And its pretty good too. But I'm glad to hear tht you had another great time here! Now I need some Mc Donalds too

  5. I think McDs has something against the Anglo/ English speaking world. I never step into a McDs in the U.S., UK, OZ unless absolutely necessary. The UK one is not too bad though.

  6. The McDonald's in Singapore & Japan are really up there!
    You don't have to pick a favourite between them though! Because both of them have different best burgers. The Filet o Fish & Shrimp Burger in Japan is the bomb! Whilst the McSpicy Chicken burgers in Singapore are the bomb!

  7. What do you get when you cross a Pandan cone with a peach pie?. The delicious surface of Mars. Main bridge are very friendly and helpful.

    Fun Tube. Thanks

  8. Eh the peach pie was average to me and it's a good thing you haven't been around to eat the worst salted egg fries in the world that mc sold for a period. The prosperity, rice and buttermilk burgers are great though, shame that some aren't always around.

  9. McDonald's in US is bad bc it strictly processed food. The US have nothing healthy nor real. You literally have to grow your own food and farm your own animals to be safe. I hate the US

  10. Shame that most pies from around the world won't be making it to the United States of America. They don't deep fry their pies in the U.S.A. like they still do in other countries.

  11. That is because here in the US they are use to selling substandard food at a substandard or below standard quality. It is also bad for you and addictive so people just keep buying it. That is how they get away with giving us crappy food. Also because we just keep buying it and do not complain or boycott it they do not see a reason to change it.

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