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One of my bucket list items is to be able to fly business class on any airline. I used to watch so many videos of people flying Business Class, i was so excited i finally had the opportunity to do so myself on Qantas, from Hong Kong to Sydney, on the Boeing 747-400.

I didn’t actually pay for my ticket outright – but rather, redeemed it using my Qantas Points. I participated in a credit card sign up offer (where i get a bonus 75,000 Qantas Points if i spent $3000 on the card within 30 days) and had linked my card with my Qantas Frequent flyer number.

I redeemed my business class ticket using Qantas classic rewards – the seat costed 60,000 points and i paid ~$200 AUD in taxes. (which is pretty awesome value given a one way Qantas business class ticket usually retails at anywhere between $1800 AUD – $2500 AUD). The ticket also provides complimentary access to the Qantas Hong Kong Business Class Lounge.

Qantas Hong Kong Business Class Lounge:
This lounge was absolutely amazing. it had a wide assortment of food available buffet style, a selection of wines and also self-service coffee and tea. the showers were spacious and private and there was a good amount of working space that was also available. I stayed there for a good 2 hours and was extremely impressed.

Qantas B747-400 Business Class Seat (skybed):
This was what i’d been waiting for. it felt surreal to be able to actually experience this myself. the business class seat was extremely spacious with a lot of leg room. we were provided drinks on arrival, a set of Qantas PJs and also a complimentary amenities kit. my seat turns into the luxurious flat skybed which meant that for the first time in a very long time, i could actually sleep on a flight!

My QF 128 Flight was a little delayed due to weather issues in Hong Kong but no complaints from me because it meant i could stay even longer in my amazing seat. lol I’d pre-ordered dinner prior to boarding, and had a delicious braised lamb with asian greens and egg noodles. For breakfast, i had fruit with yoghurt, a pineapple danish, and sourdough with spinach, egg and grilled tomatos alongside a cup of tea.

Overall, i absolutely loved my experience. i dont know when i’ll be able to fly business class again… but i guess.. next bucket list item… Emirates First class? haha a girl can dream 😛


I’m a millennial who quit my corporate job in banking & finance in December 2018 to live life the way I want, everyday. I knew something wasn’t right when days all started to blur together and nothing stood out.

I want to see different places. I want to experience new things. I want to meet new people. I want to do something for the first time again.

This is the beginning of my journey to doing that, and to figuring out how I can generate income that will allow me to live life my way, every day.

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17 thoughts on “QANTAS BUSINESS CLASS B747-400 Review (LOUNGE, SEAT & FOOD) – HONG KONG to SYDNEY Flight (QF 128)

  1. Great video. Really like your style and editing. Once you go business class, it's hard to go back 🙂 Time to sign up to some more reward credit cards but spend responsibly :-p

  2. The only 3 occasions when i flew in business class were firstly i got an upgrade when Garuda airline overbooked economy class. But the aircraft was a airbus a320 so the configuration was not much difference from economy.😑
    2nd time was me and my group of frens got sent back from Jakarta on Emirates as 1 of them was using a temp travel document.😖 The 3rd time was on Scoot with my wife to Japan via Taipei.

  3. Thats such a great report and you know why? Because it features a lot of foods. lol You are definitely just like me. Love watching those YouTube videos on business class and have always wanted to try it and luckily u got the chance to try it. Have always wanted to try Singapore Airlines or Emirates business class but my situation right now I cant even afford AirAsia's Premium Flatbed lol (but thankful for being able to fly on economy, sometimes..)

  4. You should try the Cathay business product, real much better – newer planes, more privacy, cleaner seats, better beds and better menu!

  5. We loved this video!
    My partner and I are going to HK to film some content in two weeks and loved watching your content in the build up!
    We are also doing the same business class route on the way home so this was a bonus!

  6. Ive never flown business class too 🤤, haha but but there was one time we were in economy and they ran out if food and they served helmi business class food! I stole some of her of course hahah 🤤🤤🤤🤤, hong kong airport is the best man 🤗, i miss it.. man the seats so comfy!!! 😱, i wanna try i feel qantas is the only one that seems affordable when you trade your points for- sinngapore airline one is so expensive – the lounge bathroom feels like moxy hotels in osaka we went to

  7. Yassss!!! 747 😍
    That's in our bucket list too to be able to fly in 747, the Queen of the skies, but haven't got a chance yet.
    Consider yourself lucky, coz you might not get another chance as airlines keeps replacing their 747s with newer aircrafts 🙂
    Great video Janice 👍 We can really see your excitement in this video.

    Btw, did you know that if you get a seat on the top deck of 747 in Qantas business class, you actually get the old 'first class' seat even though the class type is still in business.
    We were considering to get those seats but it's so damn hard to get. Since we are more loyal to Virgin Australia right now, we might have just crossed it in our bucket list haha 😀

  8. Flying Business Class has always been a bucket list item for me. I used to watch youtube videos of other people’s business class experience because i’ve always been so intrigued. Is it just me? What’s a ‘travel’ bucket list item that you have?

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