Reaction to Nguyễn Trần Trung Quân – Tự Tâm

I checked out this really interesting music video to “Tự Tâm” by Nguyễn Trần Trung Quân.
It gives me some real traditional movie vibes. The outfits, makeup, instruments, buildings all look very traditional and beautiful. The plot in it really shocked me though.

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36 thoughts on “Reaction to Nguyễn Trần Trung Quân – Tự Tâm

  1. If anyone wants to help out with adding vietnamese subtitles, I will leave the link here for community contributions:

    Thank you. (:

  2. This is the artist who played the instrument (called erhu) in this MV, he is the master of it in Vietnam:

  3. The reaction video to K-ICM x JACK – EM GÌ ƠI that was previously blocked just got released. It's good to have it back. (: Those filters can give some Youtubers really a hard time since they don't recognize fair use. Here is the link:

  4. lộn rùi cô gái ngoại tình với ông tóc trắng rồi bị phát hiện xong giết ổng rồi hồi sinh lại ông ….rùi mọi việc cứ thế tiếp diễn …..

  5. that instrument is called Đàn Nhị or Líu Nhị
    It's one of our traditional musical instrument required in a band performing for the royalty in the past.Sometimes I still can see a band playing in HoiAn. The sound it makes is magnificent. Although I must say young talented artists nowadays have applied new technologies in the old music and make it extra addictive

  6. K có ý chê bai đâu, nhưng "Nghiễn trần trung quần" là cười rớt hàm 😂😂, hy vọng lần sau sẽ nghe bạn reaction MV của ca sỹ Việt Nam nhé!

  7. блять мой английский не так хорош, но я буквально все его слова поняла. и я так угарала ахахпхха

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