Recreating Balenciaga FW19 Outfits On A Budget

Hi everyone, welcome to my YouTube channel!


Today’s video is going to being creative with your wardrobe and the clothes you already own!
I will be recreating 3 Balenciaga FW19 Runway Outfits with the clothes I already have.
The outfits are not going to look exactly the same as the ones on the models, obviously.
But they should rather help and inspire you to be more creative rather than buying the latest designer clothes
and just following the crowd.


Shirt – Trunk Project:
Sunglasses – Vintage: Alternative:
Trousers – Adidas (sold out): Alternative:
Boots – Vintage: Alternative:


Coat – Vintage: check out eBay for vintage coats:
Roll Neck (sold out): Alternative:
Jeans (sold out): Alternative:


Sunglasses – Vintage: eBay:

First collaboration video featuring my dear Friend Eliza:

Humant boots review video (discount included in the description box):

Thank you so much for watching and if you have any questions or thoughts, please leave them
in the comment section below 🙂

See you next Sunday!


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38 thoughts on “Recreating Balenciaga FW19 Outfits On A Budget

  1. I follow you on ig but I didn’t know of this YouTube channel, I appreciate this type of videos so much, cuz on ig it always look like everybody is screaming how rich they are, but it’s more human and creative to find cheap alternatives imo. And also, thank you for the boots cause I was looking at them on your profile and I was literally gagging but I couldn’t find their brand. How do you buy from the site tho since it’s in Chinese?

  2. You have done soooo well in all of these outfits! In some way I liked them even more than the Balenciaga Outfits. Keep up the good work!

  3. Man, the icon comin' through again…your way of editing and the whole video presentation and aesthetic is just beyond amazing…i love it. The recreated looks were sick too, i loved the third one especially, with the collared shirt underneath the oversized sweater and the big clutch type of bag😍
    Also your jewlery🔥👌🏻 i wear rings myself and it's just so pleasing on guys imo. Love your channel and your vision. Keep it up, much love from your german buddy😎

  4. Edits are really nice! Styling also great! But the overall cost of the outfit is not cheap lol. I mean compared to balenciaga yes… but not overall xd

  5. Thank you for this high quality video (as always) it’s really a gold mine for getting affordable pieces 😉 I was wondering, do you plan to make a video about jewelry I’m curious where you find yours. Again, thank you Felipe you’re the best !

  6. Didn’t finish the video yet but I gotta say that the way you mention the pieces’s price is so perfect ! you’re putting a lot of effort into the videos I can see that and I really appreciate it !.

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