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  2. GER power is literally making ANYTHING that attack him = MUDA.
    Weird that no one caught this built up by araki on this ger power.

    7:04 lol nope, in the manga Diavolo dies from the muda muda at the end of this episode, meaning we already saw Diavolo’s corpse

  4. the fast:… eight twentysix from yesternoon till seven'n'the morrn.. and I'm still not fullfilled.. hmmhmhm.. (Adt.).. Shit, still starving.

  5. I love part 5 so much but GWR is just a bit broken…well its very broken. Wish they would have made his stand ability a bit more evenly matched for Diavolo.

  6. Watching this episode while high: dafuq is happening?
    Watching this episode while drunk: dafuq is happening?
    Watching it for the third time casually: dafuq is happening?

  7. Maybe you should have a "mod" for the comment section, like a friend, so they can read the comments before hand and delete the spoilers.

  8. Pretty impressive stuff, great art recently, but.. kinda confusionismized.. gonna have see it again, a few, and chew on it before..
    (Adt.) OK, so.. If the Gold Exper. Req. .. haha..manzee'd everything then, is Bruno still alive?.. I thought I'd think so.. Or no?.. Who's on the ground holding the pistol at Diavlo then?.. (Adt.) Oh OK, the dude in white then, oops (sometimes they look like women)..
    .. Jesus(!), do you get psyched.. Can you consider the.. ha.. the elderly men, and simmer down a knotch?.. Only If you can, I mean

  9. ^ ^ hi Trisha, great meeting You over yet another JoJo review my Dear Friend! 😊 You arent the only one who is HYPED, What a time to be alive 😎👍 Though I am much behind the pack, I will catch up with You eventually 🤣 ✋🤚 For now, I wont see this video. Youtube is a jerk off so I will save it for later k? Huuuugs (ofc I play it in the background with sound off right now).

  10. well the outcome that Diavolo saw with Epitaph won't come true anymore(''you will never reach that truth'') as GER resets everything to zero. he never crushed GE skull(the arrow already pierced him so GE showed signs of becoming a Requiem stand at that point) he never walked towards Giorno, nor he splashed that blood into his eyes.

  11. GER nullifies events, that's its power. I like to use the word "nullify" because that's the technical word mathematicians use for turning a value equal to zero.

  12. Let's say it like this: King Crimson makes an effect appear "without" cause. GER removes the effect from the cause. So it's outright cancellation of any Stand Ability. Any. And that's as broken as it sounds. Which is also why Giorno doesn't appear in Part 6 despite having reasons.
    I won't spoil anything that happens to Diavolo. I already left a clue on multiple occasions and I won't repeat it. Rolling Stones would have worked better as a prologue though. Dunno why Araki had to put it there at all.

  13. King Crimson's ability is to remove cause and keep the effect of actions, in other words he erases time, while Gold Experience Requiem is the opposite, GER keeps the cause and removes the effect, in other words GER has the power of nullification or zero.

  14. GER’s power is called return to zero. It allows requiem to negate action taken against giorno. Alot of people jump the gun and say “oh it can rewind time!” Which in effect thats what it looks like but what it actually does is negate peoples actions by reseting them to zero. The reason why diavolo still sees himself winning in his vision is because that is what fate dictates will happen, however GER’s ability goes beyond even fate. By negating his actions to zero diavolo can never reach the future were he is fated to win. no matter how hard he tries he can never reach the truth.

  15. so to my recollection they are going to release episode 38 and 39 as an hour special at the end of the month so no more Jojo next Friday

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