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  1. When you think about it, Rolling Stones kind of explained why Mista just *can't fucking die*. It just wasn't his time yet, as the Stone did not show his face when it was near him.

  2. The reason why the girl killed herself was because she was going to die of the same disease and if she killed herself now instead of waiting to suffer, She could give her organs to her father to save him

  3. I don't understand why people call Giorno overpowered now. A Requiem Stand isn't permanent. Take the Arrow or attack Giorno before he can use it and he's still vulnerable. That is his limit.

  4. 9:15 well I think the infinity deaths is a cross between how gold experience when it touches people gives them life and how the requiem arrow reverts everything back to zero

  5. Well, the things that were animated is ALL the context we get about Golden Experience Requiem (aka GER) so people still speculate and phrase its ability in different ways to this day, because it apparently "just works". But this is the most compelling explanation I have heard about it.

    While King Crimson skips past time, effectively removing the cause of an action and only leaving the effect, GER can erase the effect of one's actions, essentially rendering abilities used against it useless, and in the case of Diavolo's death, removing the effect of him actually dying. As GER and Giorno say, "That future you see, the truth, you will never reach it. And you will never reach the truth of your death as well".

  6. What I think is that the entire part was very rushed. And the ending was rushed^2 . A lot of potential, but very little of it actually put into it.

  7. Gold Experience Requiem is mostly the main ability of turning to zero or erasing the effect/result. This can occur defensively, like what happened with the fight with Diavolo. But if killed by the stand, it can even return that death to zero, but the fate of dying still exists, so you'll be forced to die again, but as GER turns that to zero again, and again, ad infinitum. Fate is a very real thing in JoJo, being one of the reasons why Boingo's predictions always went wrong, because Jotaro and the guys were destined to face off against Dio.
    GER is so broken, especially being able to retroactively cancel actions and wills and even death, being able to happen autonomously, without the stand users knowledge and outside of time and space. GER's stat sheet also just shows "None" or "0" as the values, indicating that the power of the ability is the power of zero itself.
    There's a big thematic partin the Sleeping Slaves portion and the general difference between Diavolo and Giorno. Namely that Diavolo's ability is focused around controlling Fate, to ensure that the outcome he wants will be the one. Diavolo is also the kind of person who will disregard the means, to reach a certain end, to remain at the apex. This is contrasted with Abbacchio's story and the post-mortem scene where he is dead and talking to the ghost of his old police colleague, where the means are focused on and that only going for the whatever means to an end is corrupting and will never lead you towards truth, which should be the ultimate goal and will of Fate. Even if what you'll end up with is more suffering, the will to truth, the motivation that leads you to it will eventually bring you to it. Diavolo on the other hand would avoid Fate and he didn't care how, even if killing his own daughter, and he lost the sight of truth. Diavolo is at the same time a slave of Fate, as can be shown in his obsession about him being worthy and that Fate has chosen him, that he instead becomes driven by it.
    A big part of it is that we are all chained to fate, but there's value in struggling against it, there's value in taking the harder path, especially for others, even if that Fate is set in stone. So the Sleeping Slaves will hopefully awaken and their will would drive them to the truth they sought and they would no longer be Sleeping Slaves, but awakened in their defiance and their care for each other and their will to seek truth.

    Gold Experience Requiem is thus the ultimate punishment and symbol of the difference between Diavolo and the gang. Diavolo will never arrive at the truth. He chose the easy ends, in comparison to the harder path the gang took to do things rightly. Diavolo would manipulate fate, but he was always a slave to it, and his punishment would be to never reach fate… ever. Whether his own ability or his own death. Neverending is an ending. This is Gold Experience Requiem.

  8. The last episodes weren't exciting, but is interesting none the less. The overarching theme of JoJo is fate and destiny, like with Joseph's destiny to fight the pillar man. In the case of Golden Wind, Giorno's resolve to win against fate. Diavolo always talk about how fate favors him and all that so if Giorno wins, then fate lost. But the ending says it was destiny that decided Giorno's victory not his resolve as the prophecy played out.

  9. Giornno was really the best jojo so far (anime), he was the light that those in need can see and follow to the right path, he choice when to fight, or when let other to fight, but not for him, but for theirselft, not for greed but for their own resolve. he was the first jojo that not fight for everything but instead guide his teamates and let them be the protagonist that they are and give the best of them, he was what a true leader must be

  10. Giornno was really the best jojo so far (anime), he was the light that those in need can see and follow to the right path, he choice when to fight, or when let other to fight, but not for him, but for theirselft, not for greed but for their own resolve. he was the first jojo that not fight for everything but instead guide his teamates and let them be the protagonist that they are and give the best of them

  11. Tonio from Part 4 got his Stand through training or some such. Pearl Jam is like a HxH hatsu in origin, he wasn't struck with an arrow. Also Kakyoin was born with his, there's more than two ways to get a Stand.

  12. And so our fabulous not homo-erotic at all journey through the world of Italian gangstars ends, next stop Florida(ofcourse) when some prison waifus will try to stop a gay priest from going too fast through Disneyworld.

  13. Gold Experience Requiem's ability is to return all actions to zero. We see it being used three times:

    1) During GER's introduction, it returns Giorno's action of falling to zero, causing him to levitate in the air.

    2) GER returns the action of Diavolo activating King Crimson to zero, causing Diavolo to find himself at the moment in time right before he activates King Crimson, nullifying his erase time.

    3) GER pummels Diavolo to death. GER then returns the action of Diavolo dying to zero, causing him to continuously revive as he will never be able to permanently die.

    It's only one ability, but it can be applied in seemingly endless ways.

  14. 6:45 I don't remember the exact quote, but he did mention that in the end. He can only pray that their deaths will give some greater meaning and awaken a sleeping slave. Bruno,Abbacchio and Narancia were fated to die from the begining but through sheer resolve their sacrifices allowed Giorno to beat Diavolo.

  15. I started watching because of of the fun campy over the top bullshit, but then this happens and it ends on an existential dread… The whole theme of golden wind is about how you can overcome destiny and fate with iron willed resolve, then the sleeping slaves thing happens and it's like: "LOL, JK ! You are still bound by fate, fuck you."

  16. Diavolo 1st death was from a Drug addict, I wonder if the drug was from Passione's Narcotics Division so Diavolo died from something that he caused.
    And the little girl at the end when Diavolo screams, at the moment when I read the manga I couldn't think of enything else than, Is Trish!!, no is just a "metaphorical" punishment for Diavolo (I wonder how he died from the little girl.)

  17. Loved it totally, thanks..for the whole thing, and introducing me to Jojo.. but it's my 1st and I try not to see other comments till I start afresh.. You? Master storyteller deepeeayech29? Die?.. haHAA!, oh no no, not getting away from us that easy.. We either all die together or nobody does.. Happy new homecoming you, and yours.

  18. I feel like Diavolo's endless deaths are a twist on the ability we saw against Bruno. Diavolo was punched to Death, but is always infused with life anew, putting him in new death situations. As for how he gets to those places/realities, Idek. BUT! Against Bruno this ability was used to desynch his body and mind, when Bruno died it was used to give him more time and I want to say that the Requiem Version against Diavolo puts him only 10 seconds away from unpreventable Death. This kind of sweet irony seems fitting for him. The last 10 seconds of him dying are reversed but he never reaches the reality of surviving. Not even in trillions of years.

    We might get a true OVA, Or maybe two. Araki included commissioned stories that he drew in the 20th (?) anniversary among which was Purple Haze Feedback. And you guessed it. It focuses on what happens to Fugo after the story. In a good way. There's also one where the originally intended path of him betraying Bruno and the gang, but I prefer PHF for obvious reasons. It works with the canon ending and makes a lot of sense in the context of the story.
    As for Part 6… I will go out and say that it is announced in 2021 and start airing in that same year. And you better strip yourself in for that one. Cause it is regarded as (one of) the worst part(s) by many. I love what it does with two characters in particular and the character development we can witness in some cases together with a very interesting dichotomy between two others. No spoilers.

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