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  1. Hello, for those who are interested in playing the English version of the game, don't hesitate to finance the project via the platform Kickstarter by writing "Digital&Physical Release of the Visual Novel, Rewrite+!" in the search bar of that website, awesome rewards awaits you. And, finally once again, this game is great, thank you Ladies and Gentlemen of VisualArt's / Key Sounds Label. THANK YOU VERY MUCH ╲(^o^)╱.

  2. If only the anime was done better ….maybe because the original work was long….

    The first part of the anime was really fun and a lot of mysterie element were dropped here and there ane kept wanting more but at the end of the 1st season everything went down so quickly that i got lost on what really happened 😵, and a lot of people dropped the serie after " the tragic end" of the 1st season ,

    For the 2nd season the 4 first episode were ABSOLUTLY CONFUSING …..it took me great effort to finish them and a lot of people were also confused in the comment section and kept dropping it BUT when we start the 5 th episode ( apparently it the moon and terra route) the anime became ABSOLUTLY INCREDIBLE !!! I loved every part of it and felt fufulied and the end , and somehow felt that this story should have been even better if it was handeled proprely….

  3. the best VN i ever read
    and i think the most feeling event i got its when kotori reveal her secret and chizuru ending
    thank you for the review dude

  4. Anime
    The story is retarded,the characters are good-great,the ending was satisfying.

    okay so with all the complaints,nitpicks ect below aside. i actually enjoyed this.
    had some nice emotional moments. and memorable characters. it is
    somewhat rare for me but i was actually excited watching this.
    sure it was a little trope like at times but…it had a appeal to it that kept me wanting to see what happen next.
    the 3dcg effects in this were well done. it did not feel…uncomfortable mixed with the 2d animation.
    the overall story generally speaking was the weakest part of this.i don't care for world (or greater) level stories.
    this this…was pretty bad in that aspect…

    despite all my issues with this…overall i would recommend this

    Whats wrong with this
    the idea that a person is incapable of telling the difference between a dream and reality.

    the scene where Kotarou meets the witch. she is on her computer in
    uniform. then it cuts to her taking off a cloak that she was already no
    longer wearing. (how…did this get past the producers?)

    i know
    this is seriously nitpicking. but just cutting strait into a dream like
    that without leading into it (which would only need a few seconds) just
    bothers me a little.

    the sexist one sided abuse of men by females due to perverted thoughts/ideas…
    i won't repeat this point but it happens as a running gag.

    …Kotarou somehow does not see red haired guy coming despite having no excuse…
    red haired guy who is te one who bumped into the lead character…tells
    him to watch where he is going…advice he obviously does not take

    i had accepted Shizuru being a high school student who
    might of had a unique situation…but seriously? even a child knows you
    need something to play a music disk..is she really retarded?

    E7 (confirm)
    does Shizuru damage the monsters? Kotarou SHOULD be way stronger then
    she could ever hope to be. since her powers are not related to strength.
    yet he cannot even handle 1… (honestly this is a issue with a good
    part of the series with consistency)

    Shizuru has super
    human strength…her jumping height is insane…her power has nothing
    to do with that…(or does she have 3 powers?!) they also forgot Lucia
    herself said Lucia's power only worked on LIVING things. yet she used it
    on stone and it worked?

    Kotarou somehow walks out in the open without noticing all the girls in the hot spring which is literally impossible to do.
    they also somehow did not notice him until he was that close which is very unlikely with 4 girls there…
    the idea that it's completely okay for same gender to do things but not opposite…
    that kagari seems to be embarrassed even tho it does not fit her character at all…
    and the unnecessary trope of the situation in general…

    audio (horn or something) that plays after the male leads death. did
    not sound right to me. like… it was way too energetic and happy for
    the mood it was suppose to be setting.

    The timeline thing at the end completely ruins the series…that feeling that everything is just utterly pointless…
    to make it worse there were a few hints about it. but…that just makes it worse…
    they did not include it and the story just ended here it would of been
    great. but now you know it is heading toward a generic boring end for
    certain…and since they failed a uncountable amount of times
    apparently…why should the next be different?

    2nd Season
    the first half of this is a little confusing. (makes more sense in the next episode)
    between different timelines,Kotarou somehow being aware of timelines in at least 1 case and some being dreams?

    i did not understand why Kagari kept killing Kotarou or where,when and how this is happening.
    (later it at least made clear it was on the moon but the deaths and other things are not explained)

    if Kagari's goal is to get a world to survive why doesn't she just remove herself from it? she is the primary cause.
    after that is humanity itself which she could just get rid of but clearly she does not want that.

    it feels so wrong for Kotarou to care about things like romance or clubs after what he has experienced in this season…

    Kotarou died just by looking at the timelines…why can the girls touch a copy of it so easily?
    if you try to argue that it is because it is smaller..thats still not
    the case because the president looked at the real one…
    his power an only rewrite himself and his…(god summoning that is bogus and unexplained properly outside seeing a theory?)
    his new power could do that much why does he lose against a army of
    mere monsters? he should just be able to defeat them by will alone…

    This was a very emotional and well done episode that is meant to conclude a series…yet..the show is not over…

    gets REALLY tiring when they keep bringing characters back after
    death…Kagari apparently had sacrificed herself so that the world could
    have a chance yet…she is still here…

    discriminates between humans and non humans. you never see her react
    like that when taking the life of a creature or monster…he even
    enjoyed some of those murders…and he didn't just shoot them..he
    personally CUT THEM UP!

    after Kotarou gets his first kill…some
    jerk punches him for "being cocky" even tho clearly he wasn't…Kotarou
    was just defending his life and standing there after wards…and if
    that as not stupid enough mind you he has the body of middle school age

    Kotarou keeps pushing the druid girl to stop and "live a normal life" but what actually does he think he is telling her?
    knows her parents are dead and that she is a mere child…who is
    alone…who has more knowledge and power then a normal person should
    have thanks to being a druid…
    you'd think he is old and mature enough not to be this retarded…

    could of said this earlier…but why are the (original main girls)
    still children? like seriously they did not grow older like he did from
    the point he went to war to coming back looking taller and more mature.
    but they are the same.
    (to be clear i am not talking about the age gap but the fact that they did not age over time but he did)

    some reason Kotarou questions why he is doing this for Kagari (which
    its already been stated 1 or more times that he loves her) and Kagari is
    acting like she never knew that he loved her. even tho he told her in
    this timeline and she got really mad about it…(perhaps she lost some

    Kagari on the moon and the one that was on earth should be gone…why…is she on the moon again?…

    never found out why people are born with powers.

    entire concept from the beginning that the planet itself has a actual
    will and its health is effected by human negativity. (this is retarded)

    Kotarou Tennouji- Male lead, has no set story. ability to…change reality when it comes to his bodies abilities.

    Kotori Kanbe-Brown,Druid,Lost parents,Can control monsters

    Shizuru Nakatsu- blond eye patch loli with ability to heal and erase memories. guardian member

    Lucia Konohana -purple,tsundere,class rep,power to "poison" all things.

    Chihaya Ohtori- orange with super strength gaia member

    Akane Senri – president of occult club, abilty to control monsters gaia member

    Kagari= the key, a being created from the earth. wants to save the planet

  5. Haha I couldn't understand what you were saying at the end there. What is the name of the first visual novel you suggested?

    Also, it seems that I cannot get the fan translation torrent to work 🙁 A tragedy.

  6. lel the action scenes werent good
    too many missing cg's and sprites and not as good of descriptions as Fate

    Not to mention Fate doesnt even have the best action scenes

  7. 50 hours!? I spend that much time on RPGs and they're not even finished at that point most of the time. For example, it took me 70+ hours to do Ar Nosurge Plus. I know visual novels require much more reading but I thought they were shorter games because of that. Do they usually take that long?

  8. Great review, good work! ^^
    Maybe try to talk a tad bit slower, as there was a few times I had some trouble hearing what you said.
    Other than that its really entertaining and informative, without any spoilers, which as you said can be hard to do. So yeah, good job! 😀

  9. Since I just finished Majikoi s, this video had the perfect timing^^ You convinced me to start Rewrite next.
    By the way, whats the VN with the lumberjack? It looks so bad that I'm getting interested 😛

    Wow, just noticed, it has been quite long since the last time I commented on a video of yours.

  10. Oh shit, so when I see that Rewrite the anime is coming out this year, I should actually be excited? Ok then. They better not make this show 12 episodes or else im gonna rage like crazy.

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