30 thoughts on “Running Man Avengers: Black Meong VS The Fighter

  1. Watch this episode again…😙 in 2019,, even tought she knew that she will lose but she still fighting… maybe she lose but she still winning for not giving up just because she's a woman… salute mong ji..😘😘

  2. Guy in white was actually too nice during the name tag battle. strolling around like a boss and yet no one actually touches him. It was funny

  3. How hard it would be for a fighter to control his strength and defensive reactions everytime. I must appreciate the fighter's side in his efforts to stay focused in keeping such reactions when the ace is too strategic as well. I mean Ji hyo is not easy tho 😂😂😂

  4. who can fight against sung Hoon? (women) Ji Hyo already did her best and I'm touched when Sung Hoon was surprised by her original skills…luv ace running man…

  5. u can see that that white uniform ahjussi looked at Ji Hyo unnie in aww… even Chu Sunghoon said himself that she is good…

  6. i think if jihyo went under his free arm and hugged him tightly tucked away under his armpit, she could hindered him even more….and have a better chance of winning.

  7. One of my favorite parts throughout this entire episode. Song ji hyo is awesome in this episode; deserving of her title as "the ACE" of RM.

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