24 thoughts on “Running Man Ep. 106-Kim Jong Kook Confession

  1. To be honest, this episode was scripted way too unnaturally. The concept was good, the idea was fine, the romance was touching for what it is and it was funny, but it was so unnatural for things to unfold the way they did. I just felt like a lot of the screen time didn't add up despite them being funny.

  2. Since i just watched love actually last month, i just found out that this scene is from the movie, esp with the bgm, but its still cool, RM used to be this good

  3. If you look the full episode you will notice it's KJK since his hair is the only brown. And Kwang Soo is a plausible if he lowered himself while walking but you can see the outstretch arm is bulky, hence, not him LOL
    fun episode though.

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