24 thoughts on “Running man Han Ji Min & Kim Joong Kok .mp4

  1. You came out alive
    Youre like a dream came true
    I don't know you and your soul
    But i wanted to know you
    I want to learn to know you and love you
    And so, you are going to be my love
    And i would make sure that you will be the one

  2. i really love this ep so much.. the music and the show fit so much.. i miss this a lot of episode … saranghae and stay healthy Jong Kook, Ji Hyo, Haha, Kwang Soo, Seok jin, Jae Suk, So Min and Se Chan….

  3. Here during 2019 .Even with how much romantic/couple concept theme in RM. This still the one where my heart beat the most .Everything was perfect ,from the OST ,the fact that the girl was searching each of them ,her doubting KJK but KJK keep eliminating fake contestants for her ,to them end up together .No one expects this to be the couple ,but then the flashback come in and we see how much KJK actually act to make them win together ,is so romantic .it look like I'm watching romance drama with the heroin looking everywhere for her hero ,and there he is .It most romantic RM episode .it leave me satisfied since we know how much they suffer during mission(all the confusion about whose the real hero to the heroin) ,so the happy ending is justifies .It make my heart sequal during the flashback ,not even kidding .

  4. I'm searching this video because I forgot this song title , but this episode really most romantic in RM , but I stand kjk sjh kekeke 💕

  5. This goes to show that the producers and writers like and love Han Ji Min so much.

    This ep was very heartwarming and romantic.

    Kim Jong Kook Oppa and Han Ji Min are ☀️

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