50 thoughts on “Running Man's PD Jo Hyo Jin Explained Why Song Ji Hyo Is Irreplaceable Even Monday Coulple's Gone

  1. In Avengers Cap Iron man and Thor are the big three.
    In Running Man the main 3 PD MUST be the big three!
    I miss them so much, miss their games and miss their funny moments.

  2. if i as song ji hyo's fan were to called insecure,then be it. RM right now is been brought and built by the old RM. I know its impossible to be the same all time and RM needed to change to the new one due to member's age and stamina. The reason why I watch RM? Song Ji Hyo. Dont say im not RM true fans. I watch RM and stay loyal to RM because Ji hyo but after the rumour(well its true tho) that ji hyo and jongkook were to kicked from RM,i stop watching RM(not abruptly tho) but now i watch it from the eps I stop,mainly because I miss RM,but I still watching Old RM. To be honest, the old RM is better,better in many aspect(dont fight me with this) but its because they are still young that time and their stamina were strong(its not they are not now) and trust me, when we say So Min is being a bit annoying is not because we hate her or we are that so called SJH 'inscure' fans, its because its true. Well,not everyone has the same taste,the same thought or the same way of seeing things,so please be a little bit understanding,even if u cant,then please just dont go saying we are that 'insecure' fans. Well,I admit it, some of us were to careless sending hate(well,every actress, actor,comedian,or anyone whom in this industry that has fans, has fans like this,right?)and I apologies. But please,dont go around saying Ji hyo is lazy,or whatsoever that make her look like she deserve the treatment she deserve right now(less screentime) she tried and we know she tried! But she isnt someone who desperately searching for attention when the time isnt right! Everyone has their own personality and thats what make someone unique. If everyone were to be the same,then the show will be really boring(for me) You cannot expect someone who are introverted and someone who took a long time to warm up someone to be open just like that. I understand Ji hyo because me too,introverted and took a very long time to be close with someone. But sometime I open up,and I see that jihyo tried. SJH dont need to be funny all the time,and no one should be funny all the time. She has her own charm and she can be funny on her own way. And for SJH fans( and HateR), she is actress too with a drama and movie to work on,so maybe she is tired and cant give you a laughable scene you wanted from her. When we mention her screentime being less, it doesnt abruptly mean we hate So Min( please,why must somin tho?) Huh…when we mention her being annoying,it doesnt necessarily we hate her,NO please! Sometimes, im as SJH fans annoyed at Ji hyo for some reason but it doesnt make me a Hater,because im her fan! Not everyone is perfect and no one should. Yeah,I get it there is people who love to show their hate but do understand, netizen cannot be controlled😒what we SJH fans need to correct and want to issue is, Her Screentime! It doesnt necessarily mean we need her to be funny in that sceene, just please,be fair and square! When some member being rude and saying vulgar things, she/he get more sceeentime. Truth to be told, its not too pleasing as it seems. I dont believe it I used so much timea to type this long comment, there are so much things to be told but its not like anyone can understand just like that. Lol, sorry for long comment and bad eng.

  3. Ji Hyo screen time was so little now. I didn't hate somin but she was getting more annoyed every week. That why I love watch old episode of running man. now their game no more interested like before

  4. If you're watching running man latest episode you all will angry because song ji hyo just appear on the screen after 20 minutes and jeon somin oh my god she have a lot appear on the screen. Sometimes i use to move forward to see song jihyo and other member not to look jeon somin. Running man it's good not to have jeon somin because running man not 12+ rate now but 18+ because jeon somin. It's my opinion.

    I Okey if have yang se chan because he really funny and really good for running man
    That's my opinion

  5. I am sorry for saying this but I am rewatching th old episode and I dont care at all about the new one I dont even watch them for 3 to 4 weeks continuously bcz I dont find them interesting at all no physical games …only talking and passing burglar comments which got the highest screen time …I dont like that and many of us too

  6. Consider about their ages. Even there are articles that most of the old members suffered injuries a lot. Now, the show become calm and slow yet interesting. Still fan of RM❤💪pd also improving the plot games

  7. “The ‘Running Man’ production team were having meetings with other female entertainers to replace her.”.. You know what, I can't watch RM anymore if she left. I love her so much from the first season of RM. She is really active and talk a lot. And she is barely talk and quiet now. I really love how she treats females guest.. Well for who said that she is lazy, for seriously dude.. She is not attention seeker. Its not like I hate So min. I like her. She is pretty and attractive too. It just I don't really like something about her personality. Jihyo is really a girl who actually the cool, bravest and very strong girl that I ever know in RM. Lmao. She is the best and skilled ! And yeah I miss the old RM. But time is not going to stay at here.. We need to accept that they're getting old and can't do like old time again bcs their age and their safety. Hm 🙁

  8. If Jihyo leave the show by her own will,people will accept it.. But if the PD force her to leave the show… I think that will be the end of this show.. If one of them force to leave,especially the old members,I dont think the others will stay.. They make this show known worldwide…they struggle together only to make people laugh… They start from zero,they never expect this show will getting popular worldwide,but because of their hardworking,they gaining more and more fans not just in Korea,but also international fans… No hate to the new members,but the new PD should just make more creative game instead of adding another member to this show….. They really sucks in giving screen time nowadays… The game was boring… The old members use to play a lot using their physical,the nametag ripping game was iconic symbol in RM… But now,we rarely see they play this game… They keep playing eating games,quiz,searching for clue to open the door and so on.. Its just like TRESURE HUNT show instead of RUNNING MAN.. How i wish the old PD came back to RM…:Miss the old RM.. :'(

  9. Now day Running Man is become more and more boring because of the concept 😒 they keep playing the same game every week . I miss Jo PD so much I want him back 😭💔

  10. The only reason I will accept her leaving Running Man is on her own decisions or when she wants to pursue her married life and have family… 💗

  11. Wow the comments is a war zone
    Meanwhile me who loves MinHyo Siblings…
    Somin is actually nice and I love Jihyo so being stuck between the two Somin and Jihyo fans is scary
    Will they add a character of Sechan and Somin in RMA???

  12. My favourite member for me was Ji Suk Jin personally. And it just sucks how little screen time he gets nowadays while So-Min gets so much compared to others. I don't have a problem with the members, but how boring they can get with how much they focus with on specific member for too long. Running Man is only Running Man with all 8 members. Not 2 with 6 famous strangers in the background. Running Man is still fun, but the older epsiodes were definitely better. Also the newer missions are wack.

  13. What we need is RM Family… The best PD, the old RM character ( now its getting less),The ACE (the gangsters in RM Family) a.k.a. BAD JIHYO…the concept of YOO BOND 😎(james bond)…The COMMANDER🐯…The BIG NOSE 👃…GIRAFFE funny of his bad lucky also Suk Jin 😂…and PORORO…i miss the concept of SUPERPOWER …HAHA the ironman…miss that time😂😂😂🌼😢😢😢…I AGREE WITH YOU ALL…THE SCREENTIME OF MEMBER ITS UNFAIR ALSO CREATIVITY OF CREW IS NOW LESS…The new crew RM always take a same guest… there's no the other comedian,RM member friends…and the production not using member skill…I MISS OUR MONGJI…BLANK JI HYO😭😭😭😭😢💜💜💜💜 🌼 LOVE RUNNINGMAN FOREVER…like you too i always spend my time watch the old episode ( ep. 1- ep.400) more than the new one…im sad how the new production treat the member😢

  14. sry i only watch running man, and didnt really follow behind the scenes, what happen to jo pd and taek pd?? bascially why all the pd and fd of the very first rm 7012 era change?? thanks.

  15. I hate the new editor, because of him/her ji hyo's and somin's fans fought and hate each other. Fuck you editor, be equally to every members on screentimes

  16. Bring back two of old PD.
    If anybody asked why Song Ji Hyo is irreplaceable, I will ask many people from overseas watching Running Man because of Her.

  17. No one can rplace our queen in RM…
    Pliss make spcial ep for us..bring back 7012 ,, YJS, JSJ, GARY 😍,SJH,LKS,KJK,HAHA… Aftr gary left RM, till now, im not wtchg new ep frm RM anymore..

  18. To be honest, i dont mind if there any new member were added to the RM, but must maintain the old member of RM, as kwang soo, jea suk, suk jin, haha, jiho, jung kook, gary they are all my favorite.. No them no RM, do the show until they retire 😭.. This is how much i love RM!!!!! But for neww member soo min, well sometime she to much, i dont like her.. She totally idiot and make other member so tired of her.. Change her to another good charming member pls

  19. I stopped watching running man after “ SO MIN “ coming to running man. I really dont like her. Ji Hyo better than her…. its better to watching return of superman!!

  20. I need to get running man's production teams social medias emails and whatever else I need because the episodes are getting boring and there's not an even amount of screentime for everyone. Has any one else noticed that Hahas and Kwangsoos times have been cut in half for the past 30+ episodes but they show unteresting scenes with somin or sechan. I don't mind the 2 but this is ridiculous

  21. And Jihyo’s getting quieter each day or maybe it’s just the edit? I dunno. I hope the old running man with Gary will come back. I miss the old days 😔

  22. I’m an avid fan of running man ever since. But I can tell that Jihyo’s screen appearances are getting lesser and shorter unlike before. I love all of the casts including the new maknaes. However, I notice that Somin has a lot, I mean lots of screen time compared to other members. And I feel that it’s unfair. I’m really disappointed 😔 How I wish, the old running man with Gary in it will come back. 😔

  23. Idc what ever changes happen to RM but always bear in mind that this show that brings kpop industry to top. Many ppl getting to know kpop through this show, what ever it is.. RM cannot be shut down #RMFORLIFE p/s : i prefer the old RM than the current but its okay, i still enjoy it

  24. Everyone in Running Man is irreplaceable. As they always say they are family. Remember Jung Kook saying "9012"?😍


    i miss old runningman so much. i keep repeating the old ones. i'm afraid that one day running man will be gone. running man is my happiness. i'm sorry to say this. but i really hate somin. i used to like her before but lately she keeps getting attention/screentime even when she's not supposed to. she looks desperate. she keeps being the spy. i cant see haha or jongkook or jihyo be the spy anymore. some people blame jihyo for being unactive or passive but we all know that jihyo is very kind person and she never treat guest esp girls badly. i think she always let somin speaks, take action. and she also feel left behind bcs other members have to react to somin's "joke". its just doesnt feel like running man. there aren't much bonding with each other anymore. they keep wanting to win bcs the penalty is so bad. it doesn't funny anymore. i was actually crying while watching this video. because i miss something that literally gone. i miss old jihyo, old haha, old runningman. my OT7.

  26. And to think some fans still think that monday couple was real?! And now some fans hating Somin for trying to get more of screen time… Well, that’s what Kwang Soo used to do. Always to get involved in every scenes especially when Jong Kook’s turn to act…

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