Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Review After 1 Month!

After using the latest flagship from Samsung, the Galaxy Note 10+ for over 1 month, here is my full review! The only phone with the S-Pen, stunning design, and more make this device very appealing.
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46 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Review After 1 Month!

  1. only 5 hours of use? my nearly 2-year-old Pixel 2 has 5 hours 27 minute off USAGE time with 2 hours of that being gaming, battery is MUCH smaller. I really hope your battery is fucked, other people reported much better battery life

  2. Great mobile sadly I'll never be able to buy it , it cost 68k INR in India that a lot for an average people .. but great video .

  3. I want this phone, but it has no audio jack. I already have a good Sony bluetooth earphone, but for music experience, they are no match for wired earphones. I will not be buying any phone which doesn't have an audio jack.

  4. Got to see pixel 4xl & Oneplus 7t first to decide on my next phone , the note 10+ looks like an amazing phone…going to be a tough choise , that s-pen puts the note in front right now.

  5. Hi everyone, I am running a survey on your mobile OS preferences. It's for a statistics project and takes less than one minute. Thank you very much for your support:

  6. @0:32…. So it's the large display and minimal bezels… Not because of the hole-punch camera on the display or the lack of a notch? Gotcha!

  7. Bring back the headphone jack. And speaking about jacks, note series being samsungs's do all series it should sport a 24bit dac for high res audio

  8. This is the first time the note series didn't have the best of everything that was available no High refresh rate lower pixels than my note 9 no headphone jack so this is the first time I didn't purchase the new note right away so I'm looking at the Rog phone 2 that's the type of phone Samsung should have put out for the Note 10 especially for that price

  9. i hope you guys don't mind, i just don't get it, i've watched couple of review of this smartphone after 2, 3 weeks and even after a month of usage, why is the need of always showing the front and back and the side buttons of the phone, how big, no 3.5 headphone jack, of course we know that already. why dont you just go direct to your experience from using that smartphone, and tell us something we dont know about or haven't figured out, maybe we can learn a thing or two from your experience after a month of using it. in my honest opinion, there is no need to show the body of the phone, we know that already. i hope you don't mind =)

  10. Tim, can you please share where you downloaded the wallpaper in the video from? I've attempted to find it but have been unsuccessful. Thank you.

  11. Refresh rate doesnt matter with displays until you go over 32inches the human eye cant tell the difference. Or just fucking barely. I'll take better color and battery and the screen that came on my note 10+

  12. how r u i can watch ur video after long time i like ur videos a lot u look so change and looking more handsome tc very good care of urself

  13. You've got that phone for a month a looks like a beat up 3 year old phone already. You don't really take care of your tech, do you? Hahaha. I've had mine for a month too and look like day one, this phone is extremely durable.

  14. I'm using my N10+ with resolution in 1080, looks great anyway and after controlling different permissions and settings… Screen On Time is most of the time 7 hours or more, yesterday 7.5 hours, battery on 25%, it can reach 8 hours.

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