Samsung Galaxy S10 plus UV glass with working Fingerprint Scanner Edge to Edge Full Glass

#WhiteStoneDomeGlass #SamsungS10PlusUVglass #WorkingFIngerprintScanner
These Tempered Glass are compatible with Ultra Sonic Fingerprint Scanner

UV Tempered Glass for Samsung Galaxy S Series

Samsung S10 UV Full glass

Samsung S10 plus

Samsung S10

Samsung S10e

Samsung S8

Samsung S8 plus

Samsung S9

Samsung S9 plus

Camera i Use for Recording Samsung s10

Screen Cleaning Gel

Screen cleaning Kit


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37 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S10 plus UV glass with working Fingerprint Scanner Edge to Edge Full Glass

  1. I don't know guys.I use UV on my s8 longtime ago.And then after 3-4month it bond super super super super super super super super super super super stronggggggg.You can't remove it.I have to use knife to remove it and it's super hard until i cut my finger several times.

  2. هو انت بتفتح العلبه خمسين مره ليه افتحها مره وحده وطلع المحتويات إنما تفتح وتقفل ايه هو دا الصندوق الذهبي 😂😆

  3. Thanks for you..
    The video was really usefull..
    Can you help me.
    I want to know how much does it cost and where can I buy it because it's not available in my country

  4. Worst customer experience.
    After installation my finger print sensor stopped working. I contacted customer service they told me to send video nd some photos of the installed glass. I sent. After that no response from there end. Its been more than 3 weeks. Highly unsatisfactory product and people.


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  6. I've tried the whole glass thing 3 times. Doesn't work. It either cracks, leaks glue, and it's impossible to use a case with it. Way better off with the flexible film, especially on Samsung's curved screens.

  7. Just put one on my Oneplus 7 Pro 12 gig RAM. I love my phone and screen protector, much better phone than Samsung, only $750 USD.

  8. I had the same screen protector i had it install twice but the finger print sensor dont work and yes i deleted my old finger print and add a new one still dont work what a scam dont buy this brand.

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