Samsung Galaxy S7 in 2019 Worth it? Textnow Wireless Edition

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The phone is still worth it in 2019. Samsung Galaxy S7. From what I discovered a lot of people are still using this device as much as people that own iPhone 6 or 6S. This is very interesting. Below are links to websites you can still purchase a Samsung galaxy S7 from. Are you still using an Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge?

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9 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S7 in 2019 Worth it? Textnow Wireless Edition

  1. I bought it when it first came out had it for 2 years. The battery was bad and it started to slow down. Don’t worry I factory reset it and gave it to my mom she loves it! I have a Oneplus 7 Pro now 🤪😂

  2. I also use S7 in 2019 I like this device and camera still great and please make a camera comparison S7 vs pixel 3a xl

  3. I wouldn’t touch the S7 nowadays I have 2 S7s and a S8 and while the S8 has aged surprisingly well the S7 has aged terribly in old typical old Samsung fashion. There are better phones in the used market that are the same price or cheaper like the OG Pixel 1 which can also run Android 10.

  4. I just gave my Samsung Galaxy S7 to my nephew because he broke his iPhone 7 Plus after owing the phone for three years. Yes it is still a good phone.

  5. There are alot of older phones that are still worth it in 2019 and the s7 is definitely a great phone with amazing features! #FoFree 🙌

  6. Solid video bro this is actually still a really great phone I actually use the S7 active as my main content creation phone and it works no problems and even still you can find this phone the regular S7 in used new condition for $100 And that’s GSM unlocked so you can’t beat that price in my opinion anyway keep up the great work bro and I’ll catch you on the next video have a good one

  7. That so awesome bro guess what I finally save enough Amazon gift card doing phone farming to afford my last device I will ever buy for a while is the Umidigi A5 pro it not cheap cost was 129.00 plus 10 dollars taxes can't wait for it to come in tomorrow after school is finished

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