Samsung HW-J7501 Curved 8.1 Channel Soundbar | Review & Demo


~This is my review of the Samsung HW-J7501 (2015) soundbar. It is curved and fits sleekly with my Samsung UN55JS9000 SUHD TV, It sounds amazing. The subwoofer is a large box that goes with it (wirelessly connects to the soundbar every time system is powered on) and produces sounds to as low as (about) 25-30Hz. It is truly amazing but costs about $700 (as of 11/1/16, it costs $400).

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25 thoughts on “Samsung HW-J7501 Curved 8.1 Channel Soundbar | Review & Demo

  1. İ have to same product, so i connected to Tvsoundconnect, and HDMI Arc. Finally, i think Tvsoundconnect is the best connection of audio. But i did not try optical cable, i must try it.

  2. Thanks for your time in creating the video.. This video would be much better if you had shooted in better light, ofcourse you have covered with flash light.. But still good video.. Keep it up..

  3. So, for a soundbar, more speakers only make slightly better surround performance? How's a 2.1 soundbar compare to a 4.1 or 5.1 soundbar from Samsung?

  4. hey man I have this soundbar and I am currently having some issues with it. the soundbar keep going off and back on and off again all the time. can u help me out?

  5. Does a Sound bar having more Channels make it the best? What's the difference between a 4.1, 5.1, 6.1, and 9.1 Channel Sound bar? Which one should I get?

  6. awesome video. ANY ADVICE on my 49" US49KS8500 I have the 49" one and they said this sound bar is for the 55" and 65" not for 49 so i cannot mount it to the TV but i can still use it. DO you know if it is still mountable to a smaller TV so the EDGES will be longer than the TV???????? Why would they not make a SOUND BAR for the 49" CRAZY

  7. Very nice review. I recently purchased the HW-J8500. I used an optical cable for it like I have for my older soundbars and the sound seemed a bit low to me compared to the others. It sounded loud in the 30s while my others are loud enough in the low 20s. I figured it was due to the size of my living room, but I decided to give the sound connect connection a try and it actually sounds much louder, so the volume at 22-23 is loud enough. Have you tried sound connect? I saw you put the volume in the 30s, which is why I ask.

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