Samsung S7 Active Full Review Direct Upload

all right today what I have for everyone? is my full review of the Samsung Galaxy S7 active. that being said I hope everyone enjoys and finds the video helpful. as always stay tuned because more videos are coming soon.

Featured Music:
Dark Tranquility
By Anno Domini Beats

Build Quality Design and Durability: 1:50
Screen and Display: 5:16
Hardware and Software: 6:31
Wi-Fi performance: 12:26
LTE bands supported: 17:31
Bluetooth performance: 20:05
GPS performance: 21:50
Call Quality and Speaker Quality: 23:05
Camera experience: 24:30
Gaming Experience: 27:45
Benchmarks: 28:54
Battery Life and Charge Times: 34:40
Price and Final Thoughts: 44:10

Pseudo Unboxing:
Camera walkthrough:
Gaming Performance:
Benchmark stats direct link:
Battery stats direct link:

Buy Links:
Samsung Galaxy S7 Active



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4 thoughts on “Samsung S7 Active Full Review Direct Upload

  1. Hi everyone so this video was uploaded completely untouched and unedited in 4k the end 4K file was 15 GB my main recording devices as of right now only typically keep about 15 GB of available space on them so even though I can load it onto my device I can't edit it and export it thus here it is straight to y'all untouched let me know what you think all the relevant links will be available down below in the video description I do apologize for the inconvenience and I hope everyone has a good one.

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