13 thoughts on “Save Your Scene with Free Transform in Photoshop

  1. awesome : what a difference it made, great tip 2 using the blurtool to soften the edges from cutting out ! Thank you Jim <3

  2. This is excellent.May I suggest that you focus in a future video what you did with the sequence of Curves adjustments? you went through them in lightening speed….Thanks for this.Vartkes

  3. Hi Jim, great video and easy to follow. I'm sure I'm not alone going back to the beginning to revisit your preparation before the free transform. This is the first time I have seen curve layers set to hard mix, linear dodge, gradient map and selective colour. I would love to see this in more detail and reasons why you adjusted the opacity and fill percentages. These made a massive difference to bring out the colours and impact. Many thanks.

  4. Hi Jim…I always look forward to your videos and am glad you've been busy. Thank you for this video. I've only been slightly aware of free transform and blur. Having watched this video, I'm ready to see if there are some recent shoots I might use them on.

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