SCP-966 Sleep Killer | euclid | humanoid / predatory / carnivorous scp

SCP-966 (Sleep Killer) are predatory creatures that can only be seen in infrared light and stalk their prey by causing them sleep deprivation before moving in for the final blow. SCP-966 has been featured in SCP Containment Breach video game.

featured art by HusoHuso:

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Written by Enma Ai

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26 thoughts on “SCP-966 Sleep Killer | euclid | humanoid / predatory / carnivorous scp

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  2. if these new CAPA laws take away my east side imma be fucking pissed. I BOUGHT A SHIRT FROM THIS GUY I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!

  3. I have this mental image of 966 doing this to the wrong person who had access to a baseball bat, heat vision and flame thrower by the third night of sleep deprivation and that’s how the foundation figured out a whole weak these things actually were.

  4. I like when SCPs have noted weaknesses and it’s not just a ‘my SCP is the coolest and strongest’ competition, I find things with weaknesses can be scarier sometimes because they’re more realistic and the idea of being able to fight back but still being overpowered adds and extra level of tragedy and horror

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