Shane Dawson & Jeffree Star: Breaking The Internet

Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star have teamed up and released something of epic proportions but how did that have such success? let’s explore…👽
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The Secret World of Jeffree Star
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30 thoughts on “Shane Dawson & Jeffree Star: Breaking The Internet

  1. kpop Stans? i still do not understand. what is this.

    Also the subtitles on your video are wildly inaccurate, it had you saying Kamasutra toward the end of your video. XD

  2. I wanted the whole collection. Jeffree Star's formula is in my opinion the best. Luscious. I had a palette in the cart but ended up with nothing. I will wait. The colours speak to me. I can wait.

  3. Can you investigate what happened to the YouTuber tristan paredes! He has almost 2 million subs and went off the map a month ago. All his social media is dark and no one seems to care

  4. It wasn’t just kpop idiots, pretty much every single tweet I saw about Jeffree or Shane was trying to cancel them. Dumbasses don’t know shit about them

  5. As a kpop fan
    I can say the kpop fans on Twitter are the worst (not all of them)
    I’m disgusted at the fans sometimes
    I always wish all of us will be a family but some of them are so toxic
    It makes me upset and uncomfortable but mostly scared because some of them are stalking the kpop idols etc etc

  6. You are such a trip…and I mean that with all due affectii9on….. Tou are my favorite Youtube personality…..with the esception of certain musicians on here…..of the Blackened Metal, and Blackened Hip-Hop variety……You are it, hon….Cheers, dear/…

  7. I about died when you sipped you're drink and said kpop stans 😵😂

    I am a kpop stan but it's all true, Twitter ones are especially vicious

  8. I can't stand shane dawson. I couldn't from day 1. I know my friend keeps telling me he redeemed himself. I guess its just me. I feel that way about Paul Stanley and George Clooney too.

  9. Happy about Shane and Jeffree’s collab. Not sure why certain Kpop Stan’s are acting weird about Shane and Jeffree. People like that are why Kpop fans have a bad reputation. It makes the good fans look bad and I hate it. Speaking of Kpop though, what do you think about what’s happening with Starship Entertainment and MONSTA X? There’s a lot going in within the story and the fans coming together to try to stand up for a member of the group and have been trending on twitter for 3+ days. It’s kind of cool cuz internationally fans are coming together and taking shifts to show support. Korea goes to sleep, USA wakes up and takes over. Anyway I don’t think there’s enough reliable sources covering the topic in full and it would be cool to see what you have to say about it

  10. You dont remember Myspace? I'm 27 and that was just as relevant as Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, ect is today and that was almost 15 years ago. How young are you?!?!

  11. Could you please do a video about a kpop boy group called MonstaX. One of the members left the group, not only him but other kpop idols were also targeted, there’s also other things that happened that may be related to the situation. Its so confusing. They have been trending one twitter for days.

  12. I'm a little sad that after waiting 2 hours for my card info to load on the site for it to crash and have someone take the jacket out of my cart

  13. I was unable to snag the conspiracy palette due to Morphe, Beautylish, Beauty Bay, and Shopify crashing. I was able to get the mini controversy palette and lip balm 4 hours later. 😁

  14. Loving the upbeat outlook on this topic. This product launch reveals how sometimes people can underestimate how heavy the demand might be for their products! I have no doubt that if you released hair products you'd be surprised how well they'd sell. Also, noticed "A Viewer" asked why you haven't more black people featured in your videos. Keeping things positive, why not explore cool, successful youtubers to continue dialogues in the constructive, supportive harmonious way you are so beautifully known for. I'd love to see you start with "Self Love Ambassador" Derek Jaxn, who inspires so many in such a cool, funny way. You could also promote unknown, beginning youtubers with worthwhile topics and cool quirks. Your positive vibe is so wonderful! Love you Rep & Greg!

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